Letters to the Editor

Paper’s quality slipping

I wonder if the Herald-Leader does any proofreading or editing for spelling, grammar, typos or content errors. I find almost a dozen of these errors in each daily edition.

On a recent obituary page, a deceased family member was listed twice with partial and confusing information in both notices. It was also listed under the local section and should have been under the state column.

I agree with those who have commented on covering more local sports and events. The addition of the Extra Extra section is fluff, covering up the lack of content in the local edition. The quality of this newspaper has been spiraling downward for years, but it has taken a drastic turn since printing was moved to Louisville.

I have subscribed for 40-plus years, but I am having a hard time justifying the exorbitant subscription price for the poor quality and content.

Susan Abaecherli