Letters to the Editor

Big-energy greed in House bill

House Bill 227 claims the poor are subsidizing the rich, but provides no facts to support it. Since I actually own solar panels, let me provide some facts: The electric company never pays me for the excess electricity I put in the grid. If I put in an extra kilowatt and never take it back out, I lose it.

Even though I generate the electricity I need, I paid $17.78 last month to the utility: a fee to allow me to tie to the grid, environmental fees and taxes. The last full year I paid for electricity, I spent $887.94. That comes out to $74 a month. That means I am paying 24 percent of what I used to pay when I used all my electricity from the grid. So how are the poor subsidizing me? I am actually paying to help keep the grid operational.

The bill is just big industry wanting to keep their profits. We should be supporting clean energy, not discouraging it.

Ed Fessler