Letters to the Editor

Barr beats bureaucrats

I am grateful to Rep. Andy Barr and his first-rate staff for the excellent job they do in responding to constituents’ requests for assistance.

As an attorney representing clients in the Sixth District, I have reached out to Barr’s office a few times, and they have always followed up and paid close attention to their constituents’ concerns.

Recently, I had a serious problem fighting red tape in Washington on behalf of a client in Lexington. Barr and his staff went way above and beyond to remedy an injustice created entirely by the arbitrary actions of unelected and unaccountable government bureaucrats.

The congressman and his crew were quick to respond to my request. They educated themselves about the arcane legal rules involved and, because of their efforts, the bureaucrats reversed course. Barr certainly has my support, and deserves the support of everyone in the Sixth District.

Charles Baesler