Letters to the Editor

Stick to solar facts

Let’s stick to facts about net metering. It is not a subsidy to rooftop solar. This has been studied by highly capable and trustworthy academic institutions, and findings agree there is no observable cost shift to other users in any case studied where solar accounted for less than 10 percent of grid capacity.

House Bill 227 claims to address a problem that simply does not exist in Kentucky, where rooftop solar accounts for less that 0.05 percent of grid capacity.

Kentucky’s current law and rules include adequate protection for utilities and all their customers, should solar approach being subsidized with the following: “If the cumulative generating capacity of net-metered systems reaches 1.0 percent of a utility’s single-hour peak load during the previous year, the PSC may limit the utility’s obligation to offer net metering.”

HB 227 is a legalization of what is best called “theft” by allowing utilities to pay only one-third of market value for power generated by individually owned systems. It is also a rather blatant attempt to kill cleaner, greener power in a misguided attempt to preserve a functionally obsolete coal industry.

We all suffer the consequences of pollution. Rooftop solar is, without question, cleaner and greener than coal and should be encouraged by our legislators. HB 227 is not in the best interest of anyone.

Jerry Liebler

Science Hill