Letters to the Editor

Medical marijuana lifeline needed

Like many other disabled veterans and civilians, I suffer from PTSD, anxiety attacks and severe depression.

Although treatments are available they often produce more side effects than benefits, sometimes leading to suicide and deteriorated family relationships.

Put some pressure on the state representatives who are trying to shelve House Bill 166 for medicinal cannabis.

The proof that it works is already there. The cancer.gov website states that cannabis even kills cancer cells but of course you won’t find that under the main treatment for cancer, it’s under alternative treatment, patient edition. The professional edition conveniently leaves that sentence away from physicians’ eyes.

There are also two synthetic forms of cannabis that are, oddly enough, approved by the Federal Drug Administration, yet cannabis in its natural form is not.

ArcView Market just reported that medicinal cannabis sales for 2016 were $6.7 billion and are expected to grow 25 percent every year til 2021, reaching 20-plus billion.

This isn’t a sad story for a headline. I am just one of many veterans begging for a lifeline. We need HB 166 to pass so we can have a fighting chance at a better quality of life. It could help save so many families.

Teri Gordon