Letters to the Editor

Readin’ Writin’ Revolver?

If Senate Bill 103 passes, teachers in Kentucky would be allowed to double as armed marshals in schools. In published polls, teachers overwhelmingly don’t want to carry guns. We need sensible gun policies, not SB 103.

This bill does not address the issue of how to deal with a shooter in a school. Common-sense policies should prevent dangerous people from acquiring guns, including military grade weapons. Giving teachers eight hours of training and telling them that in addition to teaching our students, they’re also in charge of defending them in a shootout is not common sense.

Everyone in my immediate family is a teacher and I have my teaching degree; we were taught how to teach, not shoot. Kentucky legislators, please let teachers keep teaching without adding this to their already full plates. Do not throw up your hands and presume there will be shooters in our schools but instead, pass a bill that makes all of Kentucky safer.

Kinsey Hein

KY Chapter, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America