Letters to the Editor

Find money for pensions

My mother has lived since 1978 in a wheelchair. She taught children for 30 years. She could have stayed home, drawn a check. She loved teaching. She has four more years until she can get Medicare.

As a teacher, she would stay many days until 7:30 p.m. at school to grade papers and do her lesson plans. Is that selfish?

Teaching is a tough job. She was paraplegic so it was much more physically demanding to teach kindergarten from a wheelchair. She has a warrior’s spirit which she has passed on to me.

I will not stand by while Gov. Matt Bevin and others attempt to steal her benefits to pay for whatever they determine would be a better use of the money.

I will stand my ground for her and for every retired teacher who spent their life helping other people’s kids. My mom inspires me every day. She’s not selfish, ignorant, short sighted, or any of the other comments Bevin made from his privileged and willfully blind position of power.

Teachers are sending him a corrective action plan. He should apologize from his heart and get out of the way of bills that would bring revenue to the commonwealth. Find funding first.

Greta Davidson Hicks Gilbert