Letters to the Editor

Teachers needed to educate smarter voters

After hearing Gov. Matt Bevin’s interview with WVLC, my ignorant mouth can no longer remain closed.

I possess two degrees, and as I review my meager paycheck stub each month, I see approximately 15 percent of my pay evaporate into a pension system I did not volunteer to join. But that is OK.

However, when Bevin leads others to believe that my colleagues and I are greedy, seeking more than our due justice in an inviolable contract made with former legislators about our pension, I am angry.

I am enraged he thinks I am seeking more than my fair share when every day of my week (yes, even weekends) is spent working for my students. I am sickened that he blasts me and my colleagues as “ignorant” when it is our job to educate the youth of our great commonwealth.

Ultimately, though, I recognize the importance of my job, for it is through having intelligent, dedicated, self-sacrificing teachers that our students will grow up to become empowered, informed and insightful men and women.

Because of educators like us, we can ensure our commonwealth never elects someone as blundering, tactless, willfully blind and, yes, ignorant as Bevin ever again.

Kyle Smith