Letters to the Editor

Bevin must need a vacation

Gov. Matt Bevin
Gov. Matt Bevin

Gov. Matt Bevin’s lack of bravery and spunk in addressing Kentucky’s crushing problems is evident in his lower expectations, advance-to-the-bottom proposals. Bevin spent $4 million of his own money to get elected. He apparently does not want to alienate campaign contributors for his reelection bid by raising revenue.

Admittedly, raising revenue is the most difficult task in a democracy. Bevin’s shirking the responsibility to provide the leadership only the governor can give in securing adequate revenue is appalling. If Kentucky’s bond rating drops two more steps, state bonds will be junk and the wolves will be at the door.

At least Bevin is not sitting on his hands, but he has dropped to his knees in the public square while beating his breast and mumbling incoherently. Sounds like he needs a long vacation.

Allen T. Kelley