Letters to the Editor

Support Folk Art Center

The Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead is a showcase for a genre that over the past three decades has increasingly gained popularity among collectors of more traditional art across the country and internationally.

In cultural terms,the center’s mission must be commended. But there is a pragmatic side to the center that weighs equally. It offers a significant avenue of commerce for the folk artist. It helps people pay their bills. It lets the whittler create something that gives joy to the buyer and puts cash in the creator’s pocket. It shows art is not exclusively for the cultural elite, something many big-city galleries can’t say.

With their time and energy, folk artists, through the center, can sell their work and buy basic necessities. It is my understanding that finanacing for the center is in the current proposed budget. But until that budget is approved, that guarantee is ephemeral. Lawmakers, please, please do the right thing for these native artists. Keep the Kentucky Folk Art Center thriving. Protect the commonwealth’s artists.

Benita Heath