Letters to the Editor

Commerical break was coal propaganda

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Did you notice this commercial while watching the Kentucky-Tennessee game? Something like: “Ever wonder why Third World countries have dirty air and dirty water and we don’t? It’s because of coal and coal’s great benefits.”

I can’t do a better quote because my jaw was on the floor, and it got in the way of my absorbing the message word for word. I always thought we had clean air and clean water because of the Environmental Protection Agency.

President Donald Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are trying to dismantle the environmental progress we made over the last 45 or so years so that we look and smell like Third World countries.

Coal is not the reason why we have cleaner air and water. Take a trip to coal country in Eastern Kentucky, then tell me what clean drinking water tastes like and what our streams and waterways will be like once Trump finishes his review of clean water rules.

Susan Shaw