Letters to the Editor

Frustrated with GOP, ready for a third party

I’m a lifelong Republican, but I have to admit the party and its leaders are terminally incompetent, morally bankrupt and incapable of thoughtful new ideas to move our country forward.

Our aging and deteriorating infrastructure is a national disgrace, but no serious Republican legislation has been proposed and President Donald Trump’s idea for public and private funding is an empty gesture with no hope of success.

Our Kentucky Republican congressional delegation and governor are weak and unprincipled. They obviously don’t care what their constituents think. But how do they explain this to their spouses and children who must see that Trump is unfit for the office?

Those Republicans who have failed to call out Trump will personally and politically suffer the consequences when his administration implodes.

While in the minority, fiscal discipline was its mantra, but now that the party is in the majority, that apparently doesn’t matter anymore, evidenced by the tax bill and proposed budget.

Lastly, the Republican reaction to and proposed remedies for school gun violence, which includes the ridiculous idea of arming teachers, completely ignores the causes and is frankly sickening.

If there was ever a time for a moderate, innovative and honest third party, this is it.

Paul B. Mulhollem