Letters to the Editor

We don’t really need schools anymore

Amidst the frenzy about our schools becoming war zones, I suggest that we simplify the issue and accept the fact that public schools have outlived their usefulness.

The internet has turned them into “fifth wheels,” little more than money-sucking concentration camps or overpriced babysitters.

It’s hardly breaking news, but high school and higher education is available online, often for free. Think Khan Academy, Udacity and Codecademy. Those motivated to learn can master everything from world history to statistics from the comfort of their couch.

Microsoft, Oracle and other certification programs will land a better-paying job than any degree from a Kentucky high school, or from many universities.

Access to such education would have dramatically changed the quality of my own life. Rather than languishing as an “inmate,” I could have been learning Java, SQL, HTML, and countless other profitable skills. Let’s not hobble future generations in the same way.

Supply young people with computers and internet access and free them to soar. No more wasteful bus rides, sadistic bullying, boring lectures, expensive buildings, unfair school taxes, unfunded pensions and other nonsense. And no more school bloodbaths. Yeah, it’s win-win-win ad infinitum, and simple as dirt.

Jerrell Goodpaster