Letters to the Editor

Thanks a LOT, Grover Norquist

It pains me to see our legislature struggle to come up with a plan to chip away at our massive retirement system debt and adequately fund our essential needs, namely education and health care. The solution is simple, but one that the majority party refuses to accept: Kentucky must embrace tax reform, meaning higher taxes. Grover Norquist has done irreparable harm to our Commonwealth and nation with his “no new tax” pledge that our elected officials worship. If they were realistic, we might be able to reduce the retirement monster and actually adequately fund necessary services.

We live part time in Kentucky, where we own a farm, and in Nashville, where we own a condominium. Our farm consists of 435 acres with an inexpensive five-year-old house. Our condo is approximately 1,100 square feet. The property taxes in Nashville are more than those of our house and farm. That is not right. One might say that Tennessee doesn’t have an income tax and that is the difference, but the property taxes are actually realistic, unlike Kentucky.

It’s disheartening that our elected representatives refuse to act like statesmen and stateswomen and put our Commonwealth ahead of their own self interests.

Peter Macdonald