Letters to the Editor

Lessons learned from Trump fiasco

Why we needed Donald Trump:

To realize voting was not only a privilege, but actually puts who we vote for in office. We are responsible.

To realize the far-reaching and uncorrectable effects of a lie.

To realize that the politician we vote in may not be what he appears. Power and money are great incentives, so choose carefully.

To start paying attention to our government instead of ignoring it. They are accountable to us, if we make them be.

To provide us with a yardstick so we can view the differences between political parties and their effects on our nation and lives.

What we now have before us is what we created and it is our fault. We now have the knowledge and experience to change it all. We have the power. Only we, individually can “Make America Great” again. Pay attention and vote in every election.

William Britsch