Letters to the Editor

Jabs at Ky. teachers unfair

Some have criticized teachers in Fayette and other Kentucky counties for not being in classrooms on a Friday in February. As a retired educator, I believe that criticism is unjust and I applaud administrators in Fayette and other districts for the support shown for teachers.

What happened in the recent legislative session is, to say the least, a very big deal. The teacher pension and budget decisions resulted in negative consequences for teachers and the entire Kentucky public education system. The new plan would not provide for a reasonable retirement for teachers and would result in teacher shortages and reduction of qualified teachers in the future. Nothing had been fixed when teachers went to Frankfort that Friday.

Our public schools do outstanding work in Kentucky’s communities and are vital to the health of our state and nation. Our legislature and governor came to this session ill-prepared to serve our state’s needs.

William Farnau