Letters to the Editor

Trump spoiling for war

Some white, evangelical Christian ministers say that God chose Donald Trump to be our president. Unlike Russia, God does not interfere in our elections or control our votes. We elected Trump via the Electoral College and a bizarre, dysfunctional White House is the result.

It would be wonderful if Trump modeled himself after Jesus. I, like everybody, am flawed and a sinner. But I do not see Jesus in the president’s eyes, in his hate speech, in his love of money, in his policies, nor in his total lack of humility and compassion.

Trump got my attention during the presidential campaign when he said, "America First" and "We don't win wars anymore." I hope war never happens, but I have seen enough of the hyperbolic Trump to cause me to believe he wants to be a war president, so he can show us and the world the United States can win wars again.

Paul Whiteley Sr.