Letters to the Editor

Both sides, Herald-Leader

I have vacationed in Kentucky for 31 years and have a home here. My comments are not directed to your beautiful state but to the biased liberalism of the Lexington Herald-Leader. A recent opinion piece by John D. Stempel is an example. I am fine with free speech and his opinions are protected, but nowhere in his article did Stempel mention why the Iran deal was bad in the eyes of many Americans, not just the Trump administration. Did he mention that Iran still is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world? Did he mention that France objected to the deal but signed on because of concerns of unfettered nuclear proliferation by Iran? Did he mention we still have an American held hostage in Iran who has been there for 11 years?

Come on, Herald-Leader, you can do better than that.

Andrew Pultz Jr.

Columbus, Ohio