Letters to the Editor

EKU cuts worrisome

Eastern Kentucky University has cut several of its academic programs, including the associate degree in nursing and several bachelor’s degrees in education. It’s unfortunate that EKU, with its rich history of providing an accessible education to underserved regions of Kentucky, has made these cuts.

My mom, a single mother of two commuting from Knox County, graduated with an associate degree in nursing from EKU in 1991. She understood what a degree from EKU’s esteemed nursing program would mean: It meant she had the best chance at finding a job to keep her family out of poverty.

I chose to enroll at EKU and earn a degree in psychology after leaving the Army. My brother and many others in my family also graduated from EKU. I am scared to think how different my life and my family members’ lives might have been without access to EKU and its programs.

Lubrina Burton

former U.S. Army specialist