Letters to the Editor

So sue me, you so-and-so

In March, Gov. Matt Bevin sued me.

Public employees are teachers, firefighters, police officers, municipal workers and librarians. They are the backbone of our communities and we need to make sure they can retire with dignity. That’s why I got involved with protecting public pensions in Kentucky — and ended up defending myself in Franklin Circuit Court.

Bevin introduced his anti-pension bill last year, but refused to release the bill’s actuarial analysis, which projects how it would affect Kentucky’s finances decades into the future. We know the analysis was completed, and paid for by the state, but the public was not allowed to review it. What’s the governor hiding?

I filed an open records request because taxpayers deserve to see this information. When it was rejected, I appealed. The attorney general’s office even backed me up, but the governor refused to respond — and then sued me. This is a common tactic for him when people like business owners or journalists have tried to access other taxpayer-funded documents.

Ellen Suetholz