Letters to the Editor

The facts, plain and Stempel

John Stempel seems to have a hard time grasping facts. His recent opinion piece discusses the current administration’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement. While he didn’t compound his flawed analysis by calling the agreement a “treaty,” he does describe the abandoned deal as having “ended” Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The agreement never became a “treaty” with force of law because the Obama/Kerry brain trust realized that a bipartisan majority of senators recognized that the deal didn’t end the weapons program, it merely suspended it, after providing the Iranians with immediate sanctions relief.

Israel’s revelation of pilfered Iranian documents detailing Iran’s nuclear weapons program belies any thought that the Iranians had been forthcoming and truthful in negotiations or that they had forsaken any future attempts to restart their program once the agreement ended. By the way, it was Nero who allegedly “fiddled” while Rome burned, not Caesar.

David L. Patton