Letters to the Editor

Save Lincoln artifacts

Ten years ago, the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield, Ill., took out a loan for $25 million to purchase a private collection of Lincoln artifacts to ensure these items would always be available to the public.

Although the museum has raised $15 million, the loan is due in 20 months. If the money isn’t raised, items that include Lincoln’s stovepipe hat, a lock of hair and gloves he wore on the night of his assassination, stained with his blood, will be auctioned off and likely will go back into the hands of private collectors.

Abraham Lincoln holds a special place in the hearts of Kentuckians. We should do what we can to make sure this collection can be preserved for future generations. Please send donations to: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, 500 E Madison, Suite 200, Springfield, Ill., 62701-1029

Jennifer Krisco