Letters to the Editor

End Trump immigration policy

President Donald Trump has hit a new, cruel low, wrenching children away from their mothers.

Does he think a mother fleeing from violence and seeking asylum should leave her children in her home country to face the violence alone and become orphans?

If a mother is fleeing, of course she should bring her children with her. This is a Trump policy, not a U.S. law, to take children from their parents.

Through all of this we have heard nothing from our 6th District representative, Andy Barr, or our senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.

We need to elect people who will check the hateful policies and rhetoric of White House adviser Stephen Miller and Trump.

Just because our president and Congress can not come up with a workable immigration policy, this does not give us license to commit atrocities.

We can not let this evil behavior continue.

Mary Lisle