Letters to the Editor

Disgusting Cabinet duo

Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke
Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke

Unlike Theodore Roosevelt, the horde that call themselves Republicans today simply do not want the country to have national parks or monuments. At least, they do not want to have large publicly owned reserves of land that private oil and gas interests cannot drill, frack or mine.

The idea of leaving large, unspoiled tracts of land for wildlife is anathema to these people. Instead, they try to eliminate or severely curtail the Endangered Species Act and repeal laws that forbid the hunting and killing of animals in their winter dens.

I am talking about the odious pair of Scott Pruitt, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Ryan Zinke, the U.S. secretary of the Interior. They would actually prefer to sell off our national treasures to their oligarch friends and supporters at pennies on the dollar, much as was done in Russia, and would undoubtedly reap millions.

Jim Porter