Letters to the Editor

People are more than just workers

Congressman Andy Barr stated that we need environmental policies that don’t hurt people. He said this out of concern for jobs, not protecting people from environmental problems.

Politicians used to care about working people. Barr’s concern seems to be only that they are working. That may be why he claimed, “I think work is good for people”.

He must think that because he voted for cuts in social supports (food assistance and Medicaid) and for tightening benefits for unemployment and disability coverage.

Last year, 7.6 million Americans found it necessary to hold multiple jobs because for most, a single job couldn’t provide sufficient income to pay bills.

Nothing says work harder than showing your constituents that you don’t care about their problems or low wages, only their potential use of social assistance.

Shouldn’t we have a representative who cares more about working Kentuckians than about making sure Kentuckians work?

Peter Wedlund