Letters to the Editor

Letters on Trump border policy

Charlotte Observer

What would Trump do?

If Jesus were to come back and view what the “Christian” Republican administration is doing to immigrant families he would likely be as bothered as he was when he first saw the money changers in the Temple. And if he heard that Christians were bearing false witness (obeying laws that simply don’t exist as justification) he would be doubly angered.

Real Christians do not divide families in danger, incarcerating children split from parents. Christians would heed Jesus’ teachings by keeping families together and bestowing hope of escaping rape, torture, and certain death back in Central America.

Jesus would give President Donald Trump a sermon on his potential eternal hellish doom as a result of incessantly bearing false witness on so many issues, taking of the Lord’s name in vain in meetings, committing adultery, not keeping the Sabbath holy, and stealing from workers and suppliers Lastly, Jesus would admonish Christians for following this false prophet.

WWJD today? Get mad as a hornet. God is love, not hatred, lies and blind-eye complicity.

Gene Lockhart


Cyanide Kool-Aid

The Trump wrecking ball continues its havoc not only on our democracy, but our standing in the world. The damage President Donald Trump has caused is ongoing and increasing. His present methodology included the separation of innocent children from parents as leverage to getting funding for his wall. Apparently, we may to have to put up with this insanity for at least two more years.

While leading us down a path towards authoritarianism and fascism, he has cast a mysterious spell over 87 percent of the Republican Party and 35 million followers with his incoherent and inarticulate rhetoric, much like Adolf Hitler and cult leader Jim Jones.

The only question that remains: Will they drink the cyanide Kool-Aid? Most will say they voted for him to get a favorable Supreme Court and conservative judges. Is having this “deplorable” in the White House worth it? Anyone who answers “yes” should re-evaluate, and quickly. Impeach now.

John Fox


Some of the children?

As a child I learned a song in Sunday school I have never forgotten: “Jesus loves the little children; all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, They are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

Listening to the news I wish that our U.S. attorney general had been in my Sunday school. He might have learned something important about Jesus and children and how we treat each other. Maybe we should sing the song for him, just in case he is listening, After all, he is a Sunday school teacher and he needs to know these things.

Mack Chapman


Family devalued

I can think of nothing more un-American than separating children from their parents. And if the Trump administration has been using these children as a bargaining chip for their wall, that is beyond reprehensible. Yet the president’s defenders have the nerve to speak of “special places in hell” for others.

Mark Kluemper