Letters to the Editor

Updated | Letters to the editor/Rowan County clerk: Sept. 11

We already have religious liberty

I'm so proud of Judge David Bunning for doing the right thing by jailing Kim Davis, the ringmaster of the Rowan County circus. The rule of law is paramount to a viable and dynamic democracy. Davis and her crowd of supporters think that religious belief can trump the rule of law. They want religious freedom.

They already have it. Haven't they read the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? For them, religious freedom means the freedom to discriminate against gays, or anyone else whom they don't like, with impunity.

She could resign but that won't happen. With a salary of $80,000 a year (plus her son also working in the office), she is not about to quit. As a full professor with a doctoral degree in science I never made that much money.

Davis may love the Lord, but she also loves that big paycheck.

And the feckless self-serving politicians Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul expressed their support for Davis. No surprise. They have contempt for the rule of law. They are disqualified from serving as president of the United States.

Ralph Thompson


Who's persecuted?

I am so tired of hearing about Kim Davis being persecuted due to her religious beliefs.

That is simply untrue. She failed to perform her government job by following the Constitution and furthermore abused the First Amendment by using her government position to promote her religion over any other.

If a young Christian couple went to their ob/gyn for a checkup and were told they were having a healthy gay baby boy, what would they do? Their belief prohibits abortion so do they have the child and raise it to believe it was created by God to have an unloving life with no rights?

We can't help the way we are born. We are all created for a purpose by God. Maybe gays are born the way we are to bring proof to the world that some writings in an ancient book were done by prejudiced men who heard voices. This nation was created under God but the motto does not say "one God" since we are a nation of multiple beliefs. Davis has the right to practice her beliefs, but not, as a government official, to push them onto others who do not share them.

She should resign.

John B. Smith


What's the mission?

I have some questions for Christian supporters of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.

What did Jesus tell you to do? What is your primary mission as a follower of Jesus? Did Jesus tell you to draw up battle lines and fight against sinners? Did Jesus tell you to fight a war for him? I don't believe Jesus called you to war did he?

What is your primary mission for Jesus as a Christian? I will paraphrase the "Great Commission" from Matthew 28: 16-20; the mission from Jesus is to make disciples. In other words, Jesus wants Christians to bring people to him. Is Davis following the "Great Commission" of Jesus Christ in her defiant stand against gay marriage? Is she bringing so-called sinners to Jesus or is she driving them away?

Phil Greer


God's real message

God paid me a visit last night. He told me that he once thought creating us was a great idea. Now, he doesn't think so. God told me that people like Kim Davis are totally wrong. When you get right down to it they will be first ones through the gates of hell. And there are a lot of them in every religion. They are always right, never wrong.

God told me as he was leaving that he wanted brotherly and sisterly love out of us all, and he didn't want to come back down here again. For the next time, he would take us all out back to the woodshed. Then he told me to go out into the world and spread his holy word.

Victor Privett


Role of divorce

Kim Davis and Judge David Bunning are both wrong. Since Davis would not even issue a marriage license to a couple composed of one man and one women, this is not about her religious beliefs unless she does not support marriage and family.

And with three divorces and four marriages, it might be that same-sex marriage gave her the opportunity to prevent other people from making the same mistake she keeps repeating.

In science and engineering, there are principles that can be adhered to and demonstrated. Yet with religion, not everyone cares to live as someone else thinks they should live. In Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, he said that the only reason for divorce was immoral sex. I wonder how many Christians live by that scripture?

James A. Lindgaard


Political chaos

Kim Davis of Rowan County has exhibited her "pick and choose" selections from the Bible, of course, while ignoring our nation's foundation of separation of church and state.

As a self-proclaimed lifelong Democrat, her actions could lead to the ultimate irony of the commonwealth ending up with a Republican governor this November.

The northeastern carpetbagger Matt Bevin is gaining traction by his continued pandering support for her to entice pro-Davis supporters and other conservative Christians to elect him. Mike Huckabee's grandstanding as he visited her in jail prolongs the crusade, though he certainly has a zero chance of becoming our next president.

Brian Tremain


Freedom for all

America is a largely Christian nation and our religious liberty must be protected. The Founding Fathers began our Bill of Rights with, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . ."

Some America colonists were Puritans and other Christians who fled persecution by other Christians. That is why the Founding Fathers prevented government officials from imposing their particular branch of Christianity (or any other religion) on everyone in their jurisdiction.

For example, it would have been unjust and illegal for a Catholic government official to prohibit Kim Davis from remarrying without an annulment from the Vatican. The Bill of Rights that protects the freedom of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists and other minorities also protects Christians.

I hope and believe that the courts will protect our religious liberty and tell clerk Kim Davis that she cannot impose her specific branch of Christianity on everyone in Rowan County.

Charles T. Lutz


Honored traditions

It is amazing to me the number of Kentuckians who want to turn their backs on the time-honored tradition of changing all laws so as to line up with the religious beliefs of a newly elected county clerk.

Being from Woodford County, there is not a soul alive who can forget the years of 1972-1976, when a full-fledged voodoo priestess was elected clerk. You had to sacrifice a live chicken just to get your tags renewed. We got rid of her, of course, over the protests of local poultry farmers.

I have read that as recently as the late 1950s, all Harlan County driver's tests required no less than three live rattlesnakes on the floorboard. It definitely insured caution — not a lot of stop-and-go driving. Also, most people began to take their tests in the winter in order not to arouse the slumbering snakes.

And, of course, in the 1960s when Boyle County elected a Native American peyote practitioner, voter registration applicants had to go through a peyote ceremony every Friday, until it began to interfere with high-school football games.

Kim Davis is only following in the traditions that have made our state so highly regarded and known for its tolerance nationwide.

Jamey Wigleswoth