Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Sept. 12, 2015

Barr not putting America first

Recently, Congressman Andy Barr wrote about his decision-making process on the nuclear deal with Iran.

He did not mention that he had listened to anything President Barack Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry had to say about it.

He did not mention that he had read the letters supporting the deal from 70 nuclear nonproliferation experts, 60 national security leaders, including many former cabinet officers and U.S. national security advisers, or 51 Christian leaders representing dozens of denominations.

No, Barr takes his direction from Benjamin Netanyahu. The American Israeli Policy Affairs Committee is reportedly spending as much as $40 million to sabotage the agreement. It paid all the travel expenses for over 50 Congress members to go to Israel last month.

Israeli spokesmen in the Bush administration reportedly helped push us into our disastrous trillion-dollar war against Iraq. Will Barr, his colleagues and Netanyahu get us into war against Iran? Are America's national interests the top priority of Barr?

Rita Swan


Yanarella wrong

Professor Ernie Yanarella's column begins by admonishing all current campaigning Democrats in Kentucky to not stray too far from the standardized lockstep of progressive liberalism and ends up in a confusing mishmash by linking the muddle of climate change to populist fears of an eroding New Deal safety net.

Besides the term New Deal itself being a clue that progressive liberalism is mired in past-think, perhaps it would be more competent to link populist fears to the counter-intelligence of a welfare state having open borders, a problem intensified by that very welfare state being buoyed by a Federal Reserve unreservedly printing paper money as if it grew on trees.

Yanarella identifies income inequality as a populist concern without stating the precise role that progressive liberal mind-think plays to artificially create an underclass composed of unskilled illegal aliens, a group that widens any statistical measure of income inequality.

What can subsidize the indebtedness of America is the presence of a vibrant private sector enabled by commonsense legislation that promotes production and demand for labor. Progressive liberalism works against the interests of the economy and America by preferring the government regulate to solve the bugaboo of climate change.

Gary War d


This just in

UK men's basketball coach John Calipari says that, in an attempt to rein in an out-of-control recruiting budget, he is extending a scholarship offer to every member of the class of 2017. The new policy is designed to save the time and expensive travel involved in scouting individual prospects. A person close to the UK program, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed an earlier report that the scholarship offer would include members of the class of 2018 who choose to reclassify.

Calipari's announcement will have the unintended but much welcome benefit of freeing up valuable space in the Herald-Leader's three-page sports section for the inclusion of local, regional and/or seasonal sports. In a related matter, the Herald-Leader board of directors approved a recommendation to provide each member of the sports department with a Kentucky road map and directions on how to get off the UK campus.

Mike Downs


Unite, don't divide

A regular letter writer is not advocating a broad-based democratic movement. She is advocating a broad-based socialist movement. She talks about tearing down our democratic traditions in favor of a socialist redistributional society.

In her Aug. 18 letter, she does nothing but divide our citizens. She pits men versus women, Caucasian versus minorities, and rich versus poor instead of uniting our citizens. This is right out of the socialist playbook.

The truth is, sexism, racism, other 'isms' and phobias are not "embedded" in our cultural DNA. She provides no examples to back that statement. If they were embedded in our cultural DNA, we would not have any females or minorities in Congress, on the Supreme Court, in executive positions or leadership roles in our society.

How about instead of dividing our citizens, why don't we unite our citizens? Instead of taking from others, let us help to make life better for all citizens. Not just the citizens you want to help. That is the American dream Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned for all of us.

Warren Curtis


Police endangered

Taking a break from reading about the smug liberals from all walks of life who berate, vilify and mock the Rowan County clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, I read with sadness about the Harris County, Texas, deputy slain at the gas pumps in a city where I once lived.

Since Barack Obama became president, and in the company of Eric Holder and prominent racial rabble-rousers, this country has reached new lows in race relations. Police officers have become targets instead of receiving the respect and honor they deserve. Instead of sorting through facts and waiting for a just conclusion, this administration, abetted by several race merchants, has pushed a blatant anti-cop environment illustrated by the false "Hands up" bumper sticker/T-shirt campaign. Wearing a police uniform now makes these men targets.

I understand the hard-core liberal: Tolerant of every weirdo cause, except when it comes to Christians, and eager to rewrite our history, remove historical monuments and let America degrade with open borders and abandon Israel to terrorists.

Enough. With the next election we can get back some of what was lost. It is time to stand up, America. It is time to stop the madness.

D.J. Mackey