Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Sept. 20

Renderings provided by UK for its new student center show an open atrium with a "social staircase," inspired by the state's limestone creeks and riverbeds.
Renderings provided by UK for its new student center show an open atrium with a "social staircase," inspired by the state's limestone creeks and riverbeds.

Clerk's protest has advanced freedom

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has unwittingly advanced the cause of freedom in America.

Before Davis subjected three couples to her religious views, it was unclear if First Amendment freedoms trumped other constitutional rights. From bakers in Colorado to mechanics in Michigan, people have used freedom of religion as justification for discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Three courts answered with a resounding "no."

Had Davis done her job, this constitutional question could have lingered for years. Because Davis is an elected official, however, the courts had to settle it quickly. The legal precedent is ow established: One part of the Constitution cannot be used to override another part.

Or, more bluntly, your liberty cannot cancel my liberty.

Davis did not set out to advance the cause of freedom, but that is what she has done. Her friends may be clapping for her now, but will they clap when they realize that, because of Davis, the First Amendment can no longer be used to justify discrimination?

Probably not, but the rest of the country will be.

Mike Esposito


Trail needs lights, not flags

I ride the Legacy Trail as often as is possible. It is a splendid and relaxing way to get exercise while enjoying the terrain and views. Recently, however, there have been some additions that may not benefit the trail.

A series of concrete footings have been placed along the side to support the placement of 11 sets of flag poles. I have been told none of the poles will carry any local, state, or national symbols. Old Glory will not fly there.

Some of the poles have been placed close to the trail at spots with 90-degree turns. They may present a danger to a cyclist as they make the sharp turns.

The structures have been erected by the Department Of Planning, Preservation and Development Division of Engineering at a cost of $119,600.

This money may have been better spent straightening some of the sharp turns along the trail, especially the two turns immediately north of the tunnel the trail takes under 1-64/75. It would be nice if a warning light was place at both ends of this tunnel.

I hope there will be future extensions of the trail and thank the people who made what we have possible.

Paul McGroarty


Big dose of liberalism

On the Sept. 6 Opinion page, columnist Larry Dale Keeling, as usual, takes his pokes at those who believe differently than he does, with punch lines meant to distort facts.

Then there was Ernie Yanarella, chair of the University of Kentucky political science department. He wants it both ways.

It states he is a practicing Christian, but after reading his column critical of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, I don't understand how he can be that. Certainly he would never sacrifice anything to be a Christian of faith.

Then came Kenny Colston, director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy. Now, I'm sure he broke his arm patting himself on the back and high-fiving his Democrat buddies. He states. "Since the end of the great recession, stocks have soared, unemployment has dropped and it appears everything is back on the up and up." And I wondered what rock did he crawl from beneath before writing all these words, or was he simply delusional.

Some of us bother to read your liberalism to see just how you push your agenda and how silly it can be for your paper. It speaks volumes whose words you select to go in your opinion page.

Ronald Robinette


Verify right-wing ad

I was very disappointed to open the front page of my Sunday, Sept. 6 paper and find a full-page ad from Americans for Prosperity, a right-wing super PAC funded by the Koch brothers, who spent over $400 million in the 2012 election.

They only spend money on right-wing candidates and causes in order to influence politicians and legislation favorable to their own interests.

This particular ad was about the evils of the Affordable Care Act. The ad is chock full of misrepresentations and outright lies.

My problem is with the Herald-Leader accepting and publishing this material for the sake of revenue. It doesn't matter if this kind of material comes from right-wing or left-wing interests, it is the Herald-Leader's responsibility to verify the truth of the content and reject material that is untruthful and deliberately misrepresentative.

Robert Gaidzik


Anti-social messages

University of Kentucky Vice President Eric Monday says the new student center provides "a community-gathering venue" with its new "social staircase."

However, every plan rendering printed in the Herald-Leader shows only white, able-bodied students.

The social staircase is just a huge obstacle to someone using a wheelchair. It's just another way to tell people with mobility challenges, "The world is for us, not you. You can go off into the corner and hunt for an elevator."

And the lack of brown faces in the publicity photos underscores UK's lack of diversity.

Molly VanZant


Cheap shot at Barr, Judaism

Joel Pett's attack on Rep. Andy Barr is cheap and unwarranted. Barr is a good and decent representative who serves our district well.

The cartoon asserts that since visiting Israel, Barr is now in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's pocket.

Barr went with 38 other members of Congress and 90 percent of the House have been to Israel at least once. When former Rep. Ben Chandler went twice, where was our esteemed cartoonist? Probably doodling his stick figures and looking for other Republican targets.

I also find unsavory Pett's use of a meaningful right of passage for Jewish children to be dragged into the dirt with his personal attacks.

I expect the left-leaning editorial board to criticize Israel, but apparently now Jewish practices are open season.

Pett has overstayed his welcome. If we are stuck with him, he should work to improve his childlike character into some honest and meaningful content.

Steven H. Caller