Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Sept. 23

Iran nuke deal assures war

I am astounded by the naive letters on this page supporting the Iran nuclear deal.

This deal does nothing to roll back Iran's nuclear arms program. It does nothing to stop it and precious little to even slow it down.

It backs away from practically every point of contention over which President Barack Obama's administration came to the table, including the very notion that Iran be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

No inspections are allowed that Iran decides not to agree to. And it will immediately release a couple of hundred billion dollars to the regime that, despite it's dismal financial condition, spends enormous sums financing terrorist organizations around the globe.

This agreement is a farce and total surrender to a nation that for three decades has made "death to America" its slogan. Iran is ruled by radical zealots who seek to destroy western society's liberal democratic ideal of self-government.

The president should have been ashamed to bring such an agreement before America's representatives. Congressional approval is nothing short of a pledge to eventually engage the world in nuclear war.

Michael Rose


Investigate aplenty

Republicans have already spent more than $100 million to investigate Bill and Hillary Clinton and will spend millions more in an attempt to destroy them.

While they are having more Inquisitions posing as "investigations," why don't they investigate a few other things?

Thirteen U.S. embassies were attacked during George W. Bush's term, why not look into those?

We were lied into war over WMD that did not exist, how about that? The anthrax attacks were found to have come from our own government scientist.

The National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency have been allowed to tap our phones, search our homes, read our emails and assassinate people without a trial. What about that?

Osama bin Laden was recruited and trained by our CIA to fight in Afghanistan against Russia, still no investigation of that? Donald Rumsfeld reported that the Pentagon lost track of $2 trillion, why has that never been investigated?

The CIA head said that we kill people based on metadata collections, which means we are killing people based on the websites they look at. Still not interesting? Yawn. Nothing but crickets chirping.

Bill Hurt


MYOB a family value

The most important family value is not interfering with the private and legal lives of others.

If you believe abortion before the third trimester of pregnancy or same-sex marriage at any time are sinful acts, then that should be the standard for your personal decisions.

Each of us is responsible for both our decisions and their consequences. I cannot think of a religious organization that would suggest otherwise.

If a woman believes it is her responsibility to decide on the necessity of an abortion before the third trimester of her pregnancy, she is legally allowed to accept that responsibility. If you believe it is your responsibility to decide whether or not to enter into a same-sex marriage, you are legally allowed to make that decision.

What if civil law allows others to act contrary to your religious beliefs? In your civic duties, obey the law. In your private life, follow your beliefs.

The U.S. Constitution protects your personal privacy, but guarantees the same for your neighbor, as well. Living peacefully with both yourself and those who are different demonstrates the highest of family values, unconditional love and respect.

Joseph P. Fox


A light for pets

I would like to share what I was recently told about Remember Me Thursday, Sept. 24. Light a candle and honor pets who never found forever homes and those still waiting.

That's the Remember Me Thursday campaign created by Mike Arms, president and CEO of the Helen Woodward Center in San Diego.

On Thursday, light a real candle or virtual candle at remerbermethursday.org. You will be amazed how touching it is and how good you will feel about yourself.

Jack H. Taylor


Needed drugs denied

My wife, Hazel, and I are both disabled and on a fixed income. I served more than 24 years in the military.

My wife requires three specific maintenance drugs. Tricare and Express Scripts (our provider) will not approve them. We have doctors' statements, letters, you name it, we've done it, still no good. I guess they would rather she have another stroke; she's already had two. Wish us luck.

By the way, I asked Sen. Rand Paul for help, guess what? Useless. No votes for him.

Lonnie Pickle