Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Sept. 30

Rule of law vs. conscience

The case of Kim Davis highlights a dilemma long facing any democratic society.

The rule of law is necessary for stability. On the other hand, laws can be immoral and destructive to a society, in which case the failure of individuals to disobey can carry great consequence. It further complicates the matter when the government itself chooses selectively to follow its own laws. In truth, democracy may have no perfect remedy as each case is unique. The Constitution itself is a living document whose interpretation changes with the political whim of whomever is in power.

This brings us to the question of Christians serving as officials in a non-Christian state. Sometimes there will be a conflict of interests. At times compromises can be reached. Other times Christians must take a stand and also accept the consequences of that stand.

Nations and empires come and go. In the meantime it is incumbent upon us to work together where possible to improve society, including with those who are against us, but also to remember where our highest priorities remain.

Kyle Richie


Try breast milk

Dr. Jeffrey McGinnis stated in his column that children are highly susceptible to dehydration when ill and, "Fortunately, we have products like Pedialyte and Gatorade that can be given by mouth, and can quickly rehydrate and replenish lost electrolytes."

He forgot the one I used which is often ignored by pediatricians: Breast milk.

Long-term breastfeeding has many benefits; one of the very best is that when children are sick and can't tolerate other foods, they can usually tolerate breast milk. Not only are they receiving liquids, but also nourishment and the medicinal effects of breast milk.

Often, you will know your child is coming down with something before symptoms appear as they want to be held and nursed. Thank goodness, I ignored my Lexington pediatrician's admonishment back in 1977 to wean my nine-month-old. He said she was getting "no nutritional benefits from nursing." He was wrong and I knew it. But I also was well aware of the abundance of benefits. I doubt he was.

Roberta P. Newell


Karpf's retribution

The Kentucky medical community is not fooled about the real reason for the sudden dismissal and attempted character assassination of one of its most distinguished surgeons and teachers, Dr. Paul Kearney. It is directly related to his ethical opposition to Dr. Michael Karpf, the University of Kentucky's executive vice president for health affairs.

It is conceded that Kearney is no saint, few of us are. Trauma surgery is an intense frontline battle, where high-quality, dedicated surgeons must make quick uncompromising life-threatening decisions. Few mistakes can be tolerated, for the sake of political correctness or someone's feelings. I realize the necessity of the university's decision for political correctness, but in surgery and trauma surgery things are not always nice, nor politically correct.

This action, instigated by Karpf, as retribution, will be a long-term black mark on the university's recruitment of new and quality physicians/teachers. It will certainly stifle productivity of the present faculty as they see how vindictively a highly esteemed tenured faculty member is treated as a result of his opposition to Karpf. Karpf"s unchecked reign over the medical center will continue to negatively affect the university's reputation as it has in other places where he has been.

Michael Moore M.D.


Transgender Bess?

A simple solution regarding the John Hunt Morgan statue would be to place a brass plaque over the inscription that says "Black Bess" and then erect a plaque that explains why the mare is now a stallion. It will be a tribute to all the horses who have served during times of war and give a wink to the transgender community at the same time.

Melissa Brown


Bevin tough sale

Mitch McConnell said he will ask his "friends and allies" to support Matt Bevin; I dont think the Democrats will do it.

Oliver Purdom



Roger Quarles, author of "Tobacco growers need protection under trade deal" on Monday's Feedback page, is a director on the board and a former president of the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association.