Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Oct. 1

Need to level coaching field

Why is it that there are no required credentials to be a soccer coach of a high school team? The sole qualification is that the person be a teacher and have a bachelor's degree.

While there are teams within Fayette County that have coaches with national credentials, the coaches at Lafayette High School have no credentials. They have just played soccer.

How can this be fair to these girls to go up against girls whose coaches have more experience and training than their own?

In the latest search for an assistant varsity coach, the qualification? That the coach be a woman.

How many losing seasons does a team have to have before the coaching staff is looked at? Letters have been written to the coaching staff and the school as well as the district. Nothing has changed.

Katherine Murphy


If a Buddhist clerk...

To Kim Davis supporters:

Let's assume there is a new gun control law mandating that anyone who wishes to own guns must obtain a license from a county clerk. The hypothetical county clerk happens to belong to a Buddhist sect and thus refuses to issue any gun licenses because of his belief in pacifism and claim for religious freedom.

Let's also assume there is another law requiring anyone to obtain a certificate of eligibility for Medicare application from a county clerk. The hypothetical county clerk happens to belong to Christian Science and thus refuses to issue such a certificate because of his objection to all medical treatments and claim for religious freedom.

What would be your reactions to these situations?

Takami Delisle


If a Catholic clerk...

I wonder how Kim Davis would have felt if, when applying for her second, third or fourth marriage license, she encountered a devout Catholic county clerk who refused to issue a license because the clerk's religious convictions did not allow a person who had not been granted an annulment to remarry.

James Kelly


Confused about sin

Some recent letters to the editor have cited various biblical passages which they say condemn homosexuality. This confuses a homosexual act with homosexuality as an identity. The Bible may condemn the acts, but it does not condemn the identity, since the ancient writers had no awareness of the identity.

Modern acceptance of gay rights has occurred in part because we now understand that the acts arise out of the identity, rather than out of a temptation to sin or to defy God. Thus to condemn the acts is to misunderstand why they occur.

"Sin" is no longer a relevant category for understanding homosexual behavior, if indeed it ever was.

Mark Minor