Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Oct. 2

Give good kids time in spotlight

We see many stories on TV and in newspapers about young people around the country committing violent crimes, including murder, rape and robbery. How about focusing some articles on young people in Kentucky who are doing extraordinary good deeds, like working with the homeless; excelling in math, science, music and scouting; getting perfect scores on the ACT; recycling and helping to clean up the environment, to name some?

Each week you should pick two students who have excelled and feature them in an article in your newspaper. This would make people more aware that good exists with young people and life isn't about crime and drugs or even money. We hear enough about negative things and it's time to give hope.

Malcolm Gooding


No tyranny of majority

The final arbiter of each citizen's individual fundamental rights are the five or more justices of the Supreme Court comprising the majority of the court's decisions, and not the democratic, representative consensus of the majority of the people involved in the democratic voting process.

This is the systemic nature of the U.S. Constitution and has been recognized by the law since the early 1800s. A democratic vote cannot remove a citizen's fundamental, individual rights, no matter how onerous the exercise of these rights by that citizen are to a participating, democratic majority of the people. The exercise of an individual fundamental right by a citizen must be accepted by the society in which that citizen resides.

If a group of citizens wishes to alter, amend or vacate the fundamental rights of the citizens of this country, they must work within the process to amend the Constitution or through litigation before the court. Our history illustrates that certain fundamental, individual rights have been expanded, contracted and/or eliminated. This can, of course, occur in our future.

John J. Davis


Pray for our police

I don't usually preach but events are hitting too close to home. At this writing, my fellow brothers in blue and this nation have lost 83 real heroes, not someone who plays sports, sings songs or publicly embraces an identity to move a constructive dialogue about progress and acceptance.

No, we have lost real heroes, who put on a badge and gun and say goodbye to their families without knowing if they will return at the end of the shift. These heroes chose a low-paid career to genuinely serve others.

Some — including thugs, criminals and people in high positions — have decided that it is OK to make war on law enforcement. It is not. This is not about black life, white life or any color. All life matters.

There are some bad apples out there. I have worked with a few, but the good outnumber the bad. We did not get into this profession for glory or pay but to help others and try to make a difference.

Please take a second and give prayers to the families of officers and to the men and women who put their lives on the line.

Robert Peach


Planned Parenthood

I am appalled and outraged at Planned Parenthood for selling unborn babies' organs. Where are the churches and their leaders on this unethical behavior?

I ask anyone who has any salt and a moral compass to write your senator today asking to cease appropriating any tax money to this organization. There are many doctor's offices, clinics and hospitals that can deliver care to women and it will be covered by Obamacare.

If there was ever a time to speak up for what is right, this is it. Making money on the harvested organs of the most defenseless is wrong.

Janice Bodinof