Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Oct. 3

Widening the Mountain Parkway doesn't add up

A recent article about the ongoing Mountain Parkway expansion left out the fact that practically no one drives that section of the road.

The two-lane and three-lane sections were needed when built and certainly are convenient to those traveling to and from Eastern Kentucky, not to mention it is a very beautiful drive.

I've driven the entire parkway every month or so for 35 years and there were only a couple of times when I was burdened with a slow driver for a couple of miles until I was able to pass on a three-lane section.

According to the Kentucky Department of Transportation, the average daily traffic counts are as follows:

Wolf County Station 274: 4,066;

Wolf County Station 028: 4,282;

McGoffin City Station 514: 4,421;

By comparison, here is data for some two-lane roads in Lexington:

Palumbo Drive Station M55: 5,200;

Chinoe Road Station G94: 9,446;

Alumni Drive Station 013: 19,300.

The initial projected cost for the parkway expansion is $730 million, but probably will go up. That is about $23 per car per day for the next 20 years. That seems excessive and certainly not needed.

Frank Combs


Revisionist history

I grew up near Boston. The area is full of historical sites and Revolutionary War history was an important subject in the schools. I was surprised to see in a Sept. 19 letter to the editor that all those history lessons were wrong. The unrest in Boston in the 1770s was not due to taxation without representation. The New England patriots were actually fighting back against the king of England's war on Christianity just like some Kentucky county clerks are today.

I can't believe all those liberal teachers were telling us that the Boston Tea Party was a protest against the tea tax imposed by the king of England in the Tea Act of May 10, 1773. Apparently all that tea was thrown into Boston Harbor to keep it from the gay tea shops in Boston that had been authorized by the king.

Kevin Kline


A Jim Dandy life

On Aug. 19, Kentucky lost one of its favorite sons: James Anthony Williams.

Andy honed his basketball skills on Georgetown's Ed Davis playground's blacktop court. During high school he starred for the Georgetown High School Buffaloes.

Andy played two record-breaking seasons at Tennessee Martin Junior College before transferring to Georgetown College, where he blossomed into the legend known as "Jim Dandy." As the point forward for Coach Jim Reid, he averaged 23.9 points a game his first year and 32 points his senior year. He was all KIAC and NAIA All-American both seasons, 1975 player of the year and was inducted into the Georgetown College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2004.

During a 1975 game when the Tigers were on the comeback, the Kappa Alpha brothers started singing a song by Black Oak Arkansas: "Jim Dandy to the rescue, Jim Dandy to the rescue, Jim Dandy to the rescue. Go, Jim Dandy, go."

On a last-second shot Andy won the game, breaking Georgetown's single-game record with 51 points.

I was sad as I started to write this. But in retrospect, how many people live their dream by playing semi-pro basketball for eight years, two in Venezuela, and even marry their high-school sweetheart?

Tony McIntyre


Justice or jealously?

Maybe the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady will be completely exonerated. If they are innocent they should be. With their finances they can overcome the financial penalty. It is the blow to their characters that is most harmful.

They could have obtained deflated footballs without intent. If balls were taken out of a cold storage area and inflated immediately with warm air, a certain inflation level would be obtained. Later, say after thermal equilibrium, if the pounds per square inch were to be checked it would differ from earlier. The ball would gain a bit of warmth and increase in size, while its content, the air, would cool a bit. The result would be a decrease in pressure.

There seems to be envy and jealousy toward Brady and the Patriots because they are a very good team. That shouldn't exist. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. I hope they are innocent and have their reputations restored; they will never be completely free of tarnish.

Al Brown


Wake up, America

There are several things we as a Christian people have to survive right now: The socialistic, anti-U.S. expanded welfare system of King Obama. The insane, knee-jerk commentaries on the removal of Confederate statues, monuments and plaques. The total legal and financial commitment of the militant homosexual community/ACLU to wipe out all rights of those who disagree with their desire to be recognized. The ramped-up, trumped-up anti-police mentality by race merchants who thrive under our current president. The eventual push to remove our guns and other means of protection.

If the Bible is just another book or piece of literature, if the fetus is expendable, if any kind of "love" is OK and if Israel is just another country, obviously Christian philosophy and ethics are offensive.

Early Nazi rule started with certain speech being outlawed, certain beliefs being persecuted and the average person looking the other way and hoping things would get better. It didn't. Wake up America.

Roger C. Wilson