Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Oct. 20

Edelen record compelling

The most baffling result of the latest Bluegrass Poll is the toss-up status of the race for state auditor.

WDRB.com's John David Dyche, in his Aug. 31 column, gave a better summary than I can of Adam Edelen's résumé as auditor. He recounted how, with Agriculture Commissioner James Comer's cooperation, Edelen did a bipartisan investigation of former Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer, a folk hero from his basketball days. The result was prison time for Farmer and restitution for taxpayers.

Edelen has examined public school districts, put a corrupt official in prison and improved administrative and governance practices. Edelen recommended improvements in the Medicaid managed care system, brought more accountability and transparency to special taxing districts and took action on the scandal of untested rape kits.

"Edelen's is one of the strongest records of getting things done and good government reform that Kentucky has seen in a long time," Dyche wrote.

Please re-elect Edelen as auditor.

Sam Marcus


Spann deserving

The office of Kentucky commissioner of agriculture oversees the safety of much of the food we eat to the marketing of the commonwealth's signature brand, Kentucky Proud. Expanding Kentucky's agribusiness nationally and internationally is a priority for the Commissioner of Agriculture; so are farm safety, farm preservation, farmers markets and agritourism which brings the public to working farms for entertainment and educational activities.

I ask you to vote Nov. 3 for the candidate I have followed for more than a year as she has delivered her positive message in every nook and cranny of our state. Jean-Marie Lawson Spann will serve us well with the marketing skills we need to create and increase agribusiness jobs and revenue to benefit Kentuckians.

Kathy Gilbert


Bevin clueless

Now that Matt Bevin has decided to drug-test seniors on Medicare perhaps it is also time to point out to him those who are really "on the draw." They are the politicians who refuse to govern, the bankers who "are too big to fail" and the businessmen who get bailed out by the taxpayers and promptly dissolve their companies while keeping all the money.

The kindest word that can be said about Bevin is that he is clueless. He needs to go back to Connecticut, New Hampshire or Maine, whichever state might be willing to welcome him and his habits and ideas. Kentucky doesn't need him.

Bill Best


Bevin better than TV

In reference to the National Pension Coalition's commentary on Matt Bevin, I'd like to point out first that calling 401(k)s risky when comparing them to the teachers' pension, which has been dipped into by lawmakers for several years, is a joke.

As a retired teacher, I found my pension much riskier in the hands of our governors, representatives and senators in Frankfort when they had a pet project. I couldn't help but notice that the writer was from Washington, D.C., and must not know how our pensions have been dipped into for years.

I believe Bevin is a good and decent man, not the person he has been portrayed by this group and campaign ads on TV.

Teresa Venters


Family values group bogus

The Kentucky Family Values group, which is paying for all the sleazy attack ads in the governor's race, has no connection to Kentucky's Family Foundation, although its name and logo are similar.

It is really a Democratic political action committee, funded by outside special-interest groups and labor unions. The Kentucky AFL-CIO, the National Education Association and the Kentucky Education Association are among its largest contributors.

The ads put on by this group are bad enough, but now it seems Jack Conway is himself stooping to the same level. I am waiting to see if he can come up with another "Aqua Buddha" moment.

This type of political campaigning turns me off and I am sure a lot of other Kentuckians feel the same way. Just tell me what you would do if you are elected governor of Kentucky.

Kelvin Keath

Mount Sterling

Conway moderate

I urge all moderate and conservative Democrats to rally around Jack Conway and the rest of the Democratic ticket. None of our nominees are President Barack Obama Democrats. Kentucky Democrats are common-sense people not given to radical agendas.

Conway is cut from the mold of Wendell Ford and Paul Patton; he will be a consensus-building leader.

On the other hand, Matt Bevin is an extremist, even in his own party. His ideas are radical, divisive, mean-spirited and would prove disastrous to the commonwealth. Bevin also has problems telling the truth. His refusal to release his tax returns ought to tell you that he is hiding something.

The main reason I find Bevin to be unacceptable is his harebrained suggestion that Medicare recipients be drug tested.

Kentucky needs a man of common sense; that man is Conway.

Brad Franklin


Sense, not disarray

How many times have I heard someone say, "What we need in Frankfort is a governor who is not a politician?"

Well, now we have an opportunity to vote for Matt Bevin, a successful businessman who has a proven economic record.

He is not a career politician, but he has wide experience in management. He has administered retirement plans for hundreds of employees. The retirement plans in state government are in an awful mess. Finances, in general, are in an awful mess.

We need a governor like Bevin who can make some sense out of the disarray created by the current administration.

Sharon Veter


Ads annoying

Besides opposing Matt Bevin's tax problems, is Jack Conway going to discuss anything productive in his ads?

I'm aware that a lot of politicians, both Democratic and Republican, have had run-ins with the IRS in their pasts. The TV campaign by the political action group that supports Conway is annoying and insulting.

Do or say something positive. I've got to decide between Twiddle Dum and Twiddle Dee for governor.

John Moore


Drew Curtis shorted

Recently, Drew Curtis took the stage at the gubernatorial debate, and those in Kentucky interested enough in knowing what's going on in the state sat up and noticed a fresh-face, qualified and articulate candidate.

Yet Curtis wasn't on the stage beside Jack Conway and Matt Bevin at the following Centre College and AARP Kentucky debates because he wasn't invited.

It's unacceptable that Kentuckians do not get to hear all of their options for the commonwealth's highest elected official. Why are we artificially limited to two choices?

Jennifer Schnurr


Enough with liberals

We need to shrink the size of government at the state level through efforts that remove redundancy and waste, and this is exactly what Matt Bevin pledges he will do.

It's time for a governor who will deal with unfunded pension liabilities that are in excess of $20 billion. Continuing to ignore the problem is a threat to public safety, education and other viable government services.

Also, as federal overreach in our education system has grown, positive outcomes have diminished. We need to support school choice and stop Common Core and its "one size fits all" approach.

Remember, Jack Conway was a delegate for Barack Obama at two Democratic National Conventions and supported the Affordable Care Act. Conway supports Planned Parenthood and is a cheerleader for gay marriage, proving he in no way espouses Kentucky values.

Kentucky voters have had enough of these liberal policies and will be electing Bevin.

Bernie Kunkel


Bevin a true Christian

I am 110 percent for Matt Bevin for our next governor of Kentucky. We need a true Christian man like him. Bevin would fight crime and make this a safer place to live. He will save coal. We don't need Jack Conway.

I urge all Democrats, all Republicans, all independents to go to the polls and vote for Bevin.

Joseph Beck