Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Oct. 27

Two bright political stars

In this year's election, we need to vote for folks who are actually qualified for the jobs. Ryan Quarles is running for agriculture commissioner, and he's actually a farmer.

Allison Ball, running for treasurer, is actually a financial expert. These are the folks I want to hire.

Quarles started out in Future Farmers of America, quickly moving into leadership positions. Later, he attended Harvard and the University of Kentucky, where he earned multiple degrees and graduated law school. He has always been a leader and is one of the nicest fellows you'd ever want to meet.

Ball is a spirited young lady from Eastern Kentucky and as sharp as she is driven. A graduate of the UK College of Law and former assistant Floyd County attorney, she is more than capable and will work hard for all Kentuckians.

You don't get much better than these two fine young leaders.

Bill Marshall


Bevin best hope

Matt Bevin is a rock-solid fiscal and social conservative who champions charter schools and tax reform. Bevin is a devout Christian who supports biblical marriage and has been endorsed by the Kentucky Right to Life Association and National Rifle Association.

He is husband to Glenna and a dad to nine children. Like all of us, he hopes to see our families prosper and grow through self-reliance, opportunity and less government intrusion in our lives.

To accomplish this, Bevin will institute policies to create jobs and economic development. He also promotes pension reform and a smaller state government.

As our next governor, he will stand up to President Barack Obama and the job-killing policies coming out of Washington.

He is our best hope to turn back liberal policies embraced by Jack Conway. Vote for Bevin to be the next governor.

Jeffrey Buis


Conway for health care

If Matt Bevin is elected governor, we will surely see a dismantling of the Kynect health care exchange and a reversal of Gov. Steve Beshear's Medicaid expansion. The results would be disastrous, as some 500,000 would lose access to affordable health care.

A significant portion of these would be young Kentuckians. Don't they deserve a Kentucky where access to health care is not a major barrier to success?

Recent reports show Kentucky leading the nation in lowering the percentage of our population without insurance. A vote for Jack Conway would be a vote to continue this progress. We must recognize that for our students to succeed they must be healthy. Before companies will bring good-paying jobs, we have to have a healthy workforce.

Conway is committed to making sure that every Kentuckian has the opportunity to be healthy. That's what Kentuckians deserve. So, on Nov. 3, vote Conway.

Clint Morris


Freedom's not free

"Now hiring: Pee-cup handlers for the grand opening of the Kentucky Liberty and Freedom Drug Testing Clinic.

"We specialize in drug testing Kentuckians who are 'on the draw' after working and paying into the Medicare program all their working years. Our motto is, "Nothing says liberty like having your privacy invaded in order to receive the medical care you worked hard for."

"Freedom isn't free, and senior citizens should not be exempt during their golden years. When we say liberty, we mean ours, not yours. So get in line you lazy moochers."

— Matt Bevin, founder and proprietor

Walter Frazier


Lawson for ag post

Included in the upcoming election is Matt Bevins (R), an import to Kentucky who seemingly has a bad credit report from other states where he has lived and now wants to be head of the commonwealth.

Andy Beshear (D) is running for attorney general seemingly based on the fact that he is the son of the governor and this position would be a steppingstone to higher office.

Jean-Marie Lawson (D) has an extremely good background for the race for agriculture commissioner running against state Rep. Ryan Quarles (R). She is vice president of an agriculture marketing and consulting company that works with imports and exports, and seems capable of helping all the farmers. She also was raised on a farm and owns a farm. Quarles seems to feel that because he is a man and all previous commissioners have been men, that it should be that way.

Joann Walker


Bevin's dangerous vows

Matt Bevin's dismissal of Head Start and its benefits to thousands of Kentucky children is as bad as his talk of alternatives to public schools. Charter schools have promoted segregation and anti-science programs in the Deep South as well as in neighboring states where the Republicans control the legislature and governor's office. Vouchers take money from the public school system.

Bevin's promise of an "adjustment" of teachers' pensions would greatly harm many retirees who accepted lower pay because of the state's promises to fund a solid pension fund. Alaska and West Virginia adopted defined contribution plans with disastrous results.

Bevin said he would eliminate use of the Affordable Care Act, which has provided medical care for 500,000 previously uncovered citizens. Finally, his endorsement of a county clerk who only observes the laws she likes raises questions as to which laws he will enforce once he is in Frankfort.

Henry E. Everman


Get the facts on Bevin

Independent news sources have condemned Jack Conway's false attacks on Matt Bevin as lies, distortions and character assassination.

Bevin paid off tax liens incurred by others and saved jobs, as well as a family-owned business founded in 1832. The "unpaid taxes on vacation home" happened because of a change in escrow agents responsible for paying those taxes.

Bevin will not do away with early childhood education. He has never supported cockfighting or cruelty or violence to animals.

Transitioning people from the state-level health care exchange (Kynect) to the federal level exchange will provide the same needs without the extra cost to Kentucky's taxpayers.

To borrow a quote from a recent op-ed in your paper: "The purveyors of so much misinformation and nonsense do not have Kentucky's best interest at heart."

To learn the truth, go to Mattbevin.com/truth.

Theresa Rinehart


Conway right for education

We cannot improve education by cutting funding for early childhood education. We cannot improve education by decreasing funding for public schools and using those funds for experimental schools with no accountability to local school boards.

We cannot improve education by refusing to provide a retirement system that really works and promotes security for thousands of teachers and retired teachers. While the current system will benefit from some updating, we need to preserve everything that is good.

Teachers work hard, many using personal time to chaperone young people, provide leadership opportunities and supervise athletic events. Teachers use personal funds to purchase classroom supplies. We need a governor who cares about the teachers who provide so many valuable opportunities for our youth.

Under Gov. Steve Beshear, education experienced the largest K-12 funding increase in the history of the state. Jack Conway will continue Beshear's commitment for the future growth of Kentucky.

Michelle Brothers