Letters to the Editor

Stereotype offensive

The Herald-Leader is doing it again. The Sept. 29 Loose Change cartoon by Jim Warren should be offensive to all people who decry the stereotyping of Americans.

Would "Lem 'n Slim's" situation have ever been portrayed as African-American, Hispanic-American or Arab-American? Of course not, because we have been taught not to make fun of these ethnic groups as our ideals of social, racial and religious justice have evolved.

This cartoon is just as demeaning the Warren cartoon published on May 7, 2007. I pointed out in my column in Kentucky Monthly Magazine, "Redneck, White Trash: The Last Acceptable Social Epithets," that it is increasingly permissible for the media to portray poor, white, working-class Americans in derogatory terms.

Warren's drawings are the equivalent to the old Hambone cartoons in the newspapers of the first half of the 20th century. When will we ever learn?

William E. Ellis