Letters to the Editor

12/1/09 Letters to the Editor

Habit could be dangerous toyour health

I am concerned that Kentuckians are taking the term "finger-licking good" literally. Recently, I observed a nicely dressed lady reading a waiting room magazine at my doctor's office. She religiously licked her finger each time she turned a page.

When I go through the checkout lane at almost any department, grocery or drug store in Lexington, I see cashiers lick their fingers when they pull the plastic bag from the bag stack, and when they select money from the cash register to give to the customer.

Nothing carries more germs than money and medical waiting room magazines. Persons touching either of these objects pick up germs, which they promptly transfer to their mouths. Simultaneously, the objects they touch are affected by the saliva from their mouth.

Ultimately, other persons reading the waiting room magazines and taking merchandise and money from finger-licking cashiers are at risk as a result of unsanitary habits that are rampant in Lexington.

I have written to these stores, talked to store managers, talked to the local health department and have gone so far as to request the offending cashiers to sanitize their hands before touching my merchandise. I know this seems rude on the surface, but it may save the life of someone who could die from H1N1 — possibly the life of the cashier.

Olen Ely


Beck bashed Bush

A recent letter writer views Glenn Beck as divisive and even poisonous? I've been listening to and watching Beck for over five years. If he's so divisive, why did I hear him bash President George W. Bush daily for his governing missteps and errors?

Seems to me that Beck doesn't take sides and calls out what he deems harmful to our republic, no matter what side of the aisle is affected. And isn't it funny how green jobs czar Van Jones resigned after Beck exposed his radical communist viewpoints and affiliations?

And why hasn't the White House called out Beck if he's lying about many of the other radicals who have the president's ear?

Those of us who love this country and want to see our republic continue and flourish will welcome all points of view, including Beck's. It is each citizen's responsibility to ferret out the truth.

Debbie Rozicki


Fan of Beck

In response to Sandy Proffitt's letter regarding Glenn Beck, I have only one question. Can she provide a single example of a divisive or racially charged comment he has made? I watch his commentary regularly and have not heard anything that could be described in that manner. I have heard him do nothing but ask honest questions and not get honest answers from the administration.

Beck was also asking those same questions during the Bush terms, with the same result. I do find a lot of hatred and divisiveness on cable, but mostly on MSNBC. Beck's ratings are through the roof, and advertisers are flocking to his show — just to set the record straight.

Mark Sturgill


High cost of dying

I am a freshman at the University of Kentucky. In September, I buried my mother. A time meant for mourning and remembering was instead consumed by worry and anxiety. With a $10,000 insurance policy, my family and I expected to have a couple of hundred dollars left over. Unfortunately, the costs of putting together a respectable funeral service added up to an unaffordable amount.

The coffin we originally chose was downgraded to a less expensive one. The obituary was a short blurb that ran a single day. The original place of burial was replaced with a free plot given to us by my uncle who worked as a grave-digger. He gave his own plot to his sister and dug the grave himself.

Why is this so disturbing to me? We are on a budget, but we are not poor. How would I bury my mother if we didn't have insurance? She would have been stuffed into a wooden box and dropped into a hole in the ground with no service at all.

I don't know who is to blame for making a time of such sorrow and grief even more distressing with the worry of unneeded debt piling up. Taking advantage of a family whose only wish is to say goodbye to a loved one is in no way moral or respectable. Death is hard. Death is harder when you can't pay respect to the one you lost simply because you can't pay.

Morgan Rhodes


Iraq war waste

I have but one question for Tea Party organizers and members: Where were you when President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney decided to invade Iraq?

Before it is over, the Iraq war will have cost taxpayers more than $3 trillion (with a "T") dollars, not the $50 billion (with a "B") that Bush, Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld claimed. Nor has it been the "slam dunk" they claimed.

So, again I ask, where were the Tea Party organizers and members then?

Oh, that's right. You are one of them. Hope you're proud.

That $3 trillion could pay for the largest of health care bills now being considered for 30 years.

What does that make the tea partiers feel? Nothing. They could care less. All of them.

Darrell G. Gross


Did I read that right?

Was a recent letter some kind of prank? The writer both wants "to restore all forms of religious expression in all areas of our country, especially in public schools" and expresses how strongly he favors killing some people.

Aside from my disagreement that any, much less all, religions should be in schools, especially since most, if not all, parents only want their children to be taught one religion, I assume the author would include the Ten Commandments, one of which says "Thou shalt not kill."

Does he really think we should teach our kids that killing is so terrible but we should have our government kill people?

Roy Crawford


Health care game

The way I see it, attempts at health care reform have evolved into a game of winning.

Not winning what is best for the country, but personal and partisan winning for its own sake. News reports indicate that there will indeed be some kind of health care legislation.

But none of us, most importantly Congress, has any idea of the content or the real positive or negative impacts.

And so I am somewhat amused and frustrated reading and hearing comments from individuals who see health care as a simple problem with simple solutions.

It certainly would be interesting to hear from these people after health care "reform" becomes law.

Matilda Biesinger