Letters to the Editor

5/8/10 Letters

Goodbye, Newberry

Surely no one is surprised at the arrogance and audacity displayed by the representatives from Kentucky-American Water and Warren Rogers, who owns the company that supplied the pipeline materials. Those of us who were in favor of the city's bid to take over the company told everyone it was going to happen.

Now that they have shoved this over-built, vastly unneeded white elephant pipeline down our throats, they have all the leverage.

All the right-wing corporate-mongers on the council can be proud of their successful fight, while ensuring monthly water payments twice as high as Louisville, Cincinnati and Knoxville.

This is without a doubt the biggest scam ever perpetrated on Lexington citizens and our esteemed mayor, Jim Newberry, stood right with them through the whole ordeal. When you add the CentrePointe fiasco to this debacle, Newberry has set this city back 25 years in terms of intelligent, progressive thinking.

Good riddance.

Don Locknane


Gray not the future

Jim Gray's main criticism of Mayor Jim Newberry regards CentrePointe, which has resulted, so far, in a block of pasture downtown.

Gray, however, is involved in a similar Louisville project, except on a larger scale.

Gray Construction is providing architectural services for the 60-story Museum Plaza development, which stopped construction two years ago as its foundation was being dug. It had gotten a green light from the city although its financing was not finalized.

I know some people dislike CentrePointe and its developers, but that's hardly a platform for moving Lexington forward.

Gray talks a decent game, but he's missed meetings and votes on important public-safety and economic-development matters, including those for the panel overseeing federal stimulus money. As vice mayor, he's introduced four resolutions and gotten none enacted.

How would he do as mayor? At a recent forum, he himself said the best indication of future performance is past action.

William Green


Keep PVA O'Neill

My good friend, David O'Neill, is doing an outstanding job as the Fayette County property valuation administrator. His accomplishments in improving the PVA office are many and remarkable.

If you are a Fayette County registered Democrat, I urge you to consider voting for David O'Neill for Fayette County PVA.

George Mills


Lockett for Congress

My wife and I support Matt Lockett in the 6th District congressional race. People were asking him: "You are only one man; what can you do?"

He has cofounded the Conservative Freshmen Coalition which now has 50 members. The CFC has gotten national attention; Lockett was on FOX recently to discuss it.

He is not an establishment candidate and has pledged as a member to work for us. He is just a man who saw what Rep. Ben Chandler has been doing and said, "Enough is enough!"

It is time we have people like us, who are not attorneys or career politicians, representing us in D.C.

He is a good man and not beholden to anyone. Vote Matt Lockett.

Steve Hamlin


Wilkie for judge

Kim Wilkie is an old-fashioned lawyer — calm, practical and experienced. He is running for district judge because he cares deeply about our court system and wants to make it better.

He takes his work seriously, but not himself. He will bring those same qualities to the bench. Please join me in voting for Kim Wilkie for Fayette District Court judge.

Pam Ledgewood


Unnecessary offices

Well, it's silly season again, when we elect useless people. I'm not talking about senators and congressmen. I'm talking about the sheriff, constable and county commissioners.

What in the name of good government do these people do that is not already being done by others?

There are even people in Fayette County who don't know that we have a well-paid county judge-executive. I'll bet a soft drink that not onr in 10 know her name, let alone what she does. Your government at work?

Stephen Stinson


No funds for legislators

Once again, our General Assembly has risen to new levels of pettiness, self-interest and incompetence with a continuing lack of regard for their constituents.

They have already been paid to have a budget in place for the next biennium, but have failed to do so. I would suggest no additional pay for a special session.

If they have to return to Frankfort on their dime instead of mine, they may find the ability to get their work done much more quickly.

Further, to reward their work, I would suggest others adopt my new motto: "No campaign contributions for incumbents."

Walter Clare


Pratt for council

Don Pratt is a superb choice to be a councilman at large on the Urban County Council.

Since his participation in the fight against damming the Red River in the Red River Gorge in the 1970s, he has championed most major issues that would affect the quality of life in Central Kentucky and Lexington.

Through the years, he has campaigned for or against issues, held petition drives, participated vocally on issues that most people have shied away from.

He has probably spent as much time attending council meetings over the years as some elected officials.

These are the reasons I recommend Don Pratt for council member at large — to represent all of us.

John Adriano Hernandez


Witt for sheriff

I have known Kathy Witt personally for almost 20 years, and have recently been assisted by her professionally. I know her to be hard-working, dedicated, thoughtful and compassionate. She truly does go the extra mile to assist those in need. I respectfully ask you to help re-elect Sheriff Kathy Witt.

Lois Turner