Letters to the Editor

5/11/10 Letters

True has experience

Renee True is the only experienced candidate for property valuation administrator, and she has served us well for more than 23 years.

Her commitment to fair, equitable and accurate property assessments is vital to us and our community.

Her "open-door" policy reflects her willingness to address all taxpayer concerns, no matter how big or small.

Please vote for True on May 18.

Kathy Gillespie


O'Neill real PVA

And now, even the humble yard sign is being used to create a false impression.

Renee True is asking the voters to "re-elect" her to the position of Fayette County property valuation administrator. This is the office from which she retired, by choice, in 2008. David O'Neill was appointed to complete her unfinished term and is now a candidate for that office of PVA. He has done a great job in his short time as PVA, modernizing procedures and running a more efficient program.

So don't be fooled by those "re-elect" True yard signs you see around town. They are false. She is not the PVA. O'Neill is. Keep a good person in that office and vote for O'Neill.

Ruth D. Straus


Clater fine constable

During my practice of law in Fayette County since 1961, I have not observed a better constable than Joyce Clater, who is now seeking re-election to that office.

Clater provides a valuable service to the citizens of Fayette County by promptly serving court papers, which saves valuable time and expenses for citizens who have to use the court system.

It is an honor for me to recommend Clater for re-election to the office of constable.

Joseph B. Murphy


Put Plomin on job

What a great opportunity we have in the coming weeks as we take part in the democratic process.

When going to the polls, I plan on voting for Kathy Plomin for at-large council member on Fayette County's Urban County Council.

Plomin is a dedicated servant to the community, one who has experience in the for-profit and non-profit worlds.

This experience makes her well-suited to move Lexington forward by focusing on improving our business environment while at the same time fostering the ever-burgeoning arts community.

Simply put, Plomin listens to our concerns and would be a great addition to the council.

Billy Frey


Gorton serves all

In today's political climate of incivility and negativism, it's refreshing to be able to recommend a vote for Linda Gorton for re-election to council member at-large.

Through her many years of service on the Urban County Council we have been able to witness her intelligence, integrity, good judgment, great work ethic as well as her ability to work well with others.

Gorton has a good understanding of the role of an at-large council member, one who serves us all. She truly understands what it means to be a public servant.

Re-elect Linda Gorton, council member at-large on May 18.

Emma Tibbs


Pratt a fresh voice

It is refreshing to have the opportunity to elect a candidate like Don Pratt for an at-large seat on the Urban County Council.

Pratt will be a voice for honesty and responsibility on the council and is not beholden to special interests, as are many of our current council members.

As a foster parent, Pratt has personally provided for more than 40 foster kids over the years. He is a kind and compassionate man and will be an excellent representative for all Lexingtonians.

Pratt was a leader in the fight to purchase Kentucky-American Water, which currently is applying for an increase of as much as 37 percent in our water bills.

He also opposed the misguided plan to close Vine Street by Rupp Arena, which would have caused enormous traffic headaches.

Pratt deserves the support of all Lexingtonians who want a better government.

Gregory Spurlock


Ellinger an asset

Please join me in voting for Chuck Ellinger to continue as an at-large member of the Urban County Council.

For 30 years I have managed the two Collins' local bowling lanes and quickly learned to recognize honorable, hard-working people.

From his first day on the job, Ellinger has brought integrity, honesty and a ceaseless hard-work ethic to fulfill his goal of making Lexington and Fayette County a great place to live, work and play.

During these hard economic times, we desperately need Ellinger's proven commitment to fiscal responsibility, as shown when he voted against the budget proposal, knowing we can't spend city revenue we don't or won't have.

We need Ellinger's tireless drive to serve the hard-working citizens of this great city more than ever. Please vote to keep Ellinger as your committed council member at-large.

David Siegel


Ransdell should stay

I have known Maria Ransdell, Fayette district court judge, for more than 35 years since we first became acquainted while students at the University of Kentucky. I enthusiastically endorse Ransdell for re-election in the 3rd Judicial Division.

She has provided exemplary service as district judge for 13 years and has a distinguished record of accomplishment both while on the bench and as a lawyer in private practice.

Even more than her many professional achievements, however, I value her character. She has a good moral compass that gives her a clear sense of what is just and unjust.

At the same time, she demonstrates care for others both as individuals and as members of a community.

Fayette County has been well-served judicially by Ransdell, and she deserves our support in the upcoming election.

George Weick


Witt dedicated

I have known Sheriff Kathy Witt for more than 15 years. I can say without hesitation that she is a genuine, honest person with the kind of integrity that we all should strive for.

She has dedicated her life to protecting Fayette County. She does not treat her job as an occupation, but she treats it as her own personal mission.

This can be seen when you look at her work to keep us safe from domestic-violence perpetrators.

Witt has become a voice for victims by opening the area's first 24-hour domestic-violence intake center and has advocated for better protection for domestic-violence victims.

Witt fights to protect our community from violent sex offenders and has a deputy dedicated to make sure that offenders are in compliance with the sex offender registry.

I could not imagine Fayette County being as safe as it is today without the hard work of Witt. I urge everyone to vote to re-elect her.

Mary Wood