Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: July 9

Hallelujah, I am finally seeing the light on PDR

It took time but now I am persuaded that the Purchase of Development Rights Program is wonderful public policy that reveals just how brilliant our city officials have been.

I will admit that I, with limited intellect and without proper study and reflection, had previously thought a program that spent $54 million of public money to purchase the development rights on a patchwork of property throughout Fayette County that was in no danger of development was ill advised.

Now, however, after a deluge of Herald-Leader editorials, op-eds and letters to the editor, I have seen the light.

Keep right on paying $2,400 per acre to purchase absolutely nothing. I'm surely not intelligent enough to grasp all the nuances of this fine program, but after reading the most recent letter published in the Herald-Leader, I think it has something to do with Tuscany. Well, that's good enough for me.

Close the fire stations, reduce the police force, close the golf courses and let the criminals out of the pokey. Flush another $2 million. It's enough to make the Tuscans proud.

Dave Rosenbaum


Finger-pointing in gulf

The catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico is worsened by the bureaucracy that has a strange hold on those who would save wildlife, contain oil and clean up oil that has reached marshes and beaches.

Fishermen who were ready to tackle the spill while it was in open water were told they had to have contracts with BP and undergo drug tests. I doubt if the oysters and shrimp cared.

Many have donated household items to clean birds, turtles and other wildlife. Unfortunately, BP has no policy to accept these items. How about "thank you" and get on with it?

Except for making demands of BP, our government seems to have done little to curb the onslaught of oil. Surely, there are many people who would clean up beaches.

There needs to be an army of people, as this task will go on for a long time.

Now there is a $20 billion fund for victims. By the time they get through the red tape, they will have lost their homes, cars and boats. We all know how cooperative banks are when mortgages fall behind.

BP can't be thrilled about this leak. It is time we look for solutions instead of making demands. The leak would have been sealed long ago if possible. After all, a lot of money is floating in the gulf.

Let us return to being a nation of doers instead of finger-pointers. Those who are guilty know it and so does the rest of the world.

Leslie Berger


That's rich

A recent letter writer was quick to point out some factual errors in a letter written by a Tea Partier discussing budget deficits.

Both letters made comparisons between President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush and the rising deficits generated by both administrations.

The letter mentioned that former Democratic President Bill Clinton was able to balance budgets under his administration and that he did it by taxing the rich — that when we tax the rich, good things happen.

Well, let's see.

In 1993, the Clinton administration passed one of the largest tax increases in American history. This tax burden did not fall solely on the backs of the "rich."

One of the main sources of this new revenue came from increasing taxes on Social Security benefits. Many retirees saw the portion of their benefits subjected to taxes rise from 50 percent to 85 percent.

Yep, that's good ol' rich me.

J.L. Lombardo


Deficit of answers

I cringe at our nation's budget deficit because of where we are spending our money.

We have spent more than a trillion dollars on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is it worth it? What would that money do in the United States?

If we "win" in Afghanistan, how will we know it? What about Vietnam?

Is Afghan President Hamid Karzai really our friend? He gets billions from us.

Why do we have more troops in Afghanistan than all other nations combined?

Why are American troops building schools and roads in Afghanistan when some schools and roads are falling apart in our country?

Why did the British and Russians fail to conquer Afghanistan?

Would a draft help prevent our brave and honorable forces from making several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Why, after more than a half-century, do we still have troops in Germany?

Japan's prime minister resigned because he could not convince the American armed forces to leave Japanese territory. Would leaving not save us billions?

How much does it cost the U.S. to keep thousands of troops in South Korea even when many of its citizens want us out?

Could we spend our money better by hiring spies overseas?

How many billions could we save if we cease trying to police the world without help from other nations?

What did President Dwight Eisenhower, Allied commander during World War II, mean when he said beware of the military-industrial complex?

Finally, how much longer can we spend our grandchildren's money?

Marvin D. Mills Sr.


Way with words

Interesting front-page report on the airport runway event. The first error was "tarmac." The new runway actually is concrete, not the coal-based paving material. So it was beautiful, light concrete, smooth and level.

Second, the stiff breeze did not "cool the rays." Welcome winds cooled the body. And people, not folks, did not see the runway from a different "dimension." It had to be from a different angle or perspective.

I showed up at the Second Sunday event — not "up to it" — by bicycle. And I did not go "down to it" as the hill was steep and long from Versailles Road. Maybe with so many verbal errors one may accidentally be correct?

And let us try to stay in our own dimension.

Risto Marttinen


Powerful ally

I am not a Jew, but I would like to share some thoughts about them since it seems the whole world has formed a negative opinion against them.

We need to remember that God is the creator of heaven, earth and all people. God chose Abraham as the beginning of the Jewish race. Genesis tells us that God will bless those that bless them, curse those that curse them and that in them all the earth will be blessed.

In Psalms we are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that "they shall prosper who love thee."

In Amos, God says they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which has been given them.

There is no way I am going to curse someone who God has blessed. All countries of this world should be careful when you go against Israel because you are going against God. The Bible is full of verses that support this letter.

Lloyd Dean