Letters to the Editor

7/25/10 Letters - Nursing homes

Many homes, staff provide residents loving, quality care

I have been a nursing home administrator for more than 30 years in Kentucky and have had the pleasure of working with some of the most compassionate people in the long-term care industry.

The overwhelming majority of people in this industry truly care about people with whom they work and don't tolerate the rare instances of abuse or neglect that do occur.

Our industry is regularly attacked by those who have either had a bad experience or profit from tarnishing the image of long-term care.

As in any industry, occasionally some people do not do their job properly, but these instances are rare in this highly regulated industry.

State and federal inspectors, who also receive frequent criticism, are intelligent, hard-working and caring individuals who ensure that long-term care facilities provide high-quality care to the residents who reside therein.

We receive frequent, unsolicited letters from our past residents telling us how pleased they were with the services they received at our facility, as well as praise from residents and family members during the mandatory quarterly care conference we conduct for all of our residents and their family members.

Long-term care is an essential, cost-effective part of our health-care continuum. Most professionals in the long-term care industry earn far less than those who work in hospitals. These people deserve to be honored for the good deeds they do for others on a daily basis rather than portrayed as a group of incompetent, uncaring and greedy people who prey upon the elderly. It just isn't true.

Bradford A. McCoy

Administrator. Twinbrook Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Louisville

Whom to trust with the care of our loved ones is one of the most important decisions an individual can make. When the time came that neither I nor anyone in my family could care for my grandfather anymore, my family was faced with that difficult and scary decision.

It was hard for me to imagine that my grandfather would get care that was sufficient in my eyes, but nevertheless, we had to make the decision to place him in a nursing facility.

My grandfather was admitted to Hyden Nursing Home in December 2006. The staff, management and administration of the home took excellent care of my grandfather throughout his stay. Members of all departments were always accessible and ready to answer any questions and concerns. Residents there were treated as individuals, and the staff took a personal interest in the care that my grandfather received. The facility was always remarkably clean. Being there made my grandfather feel like he was still living to the fullest, even though he was severely ill and limited in almost every aspect.

It means so much to me that my grandfather got to spend the last days of his life in such a nurturing facility.

Misty Pack


I am a resident of Knott County Health and Rehabilitation Center and this has been my home now for the past three years.

Everyone here is good to me and all the other residents. The food is good, and if we don't like what is on the menu, they will fix us something else. The housekeeping department works very hard every day to keep our home clean. Families can come and stay as long as they want and are treated like special guests by the staff.

I have learned to do things while being here that I probably would not have done anywhere else. The activity director here helps provide me with the materials that I need to accomplish this and finds ways to keep me occupied. I have learned how to crochet and how to make beautiful jewelry for my family and friends. We are like one big happy family, and the residents, staff and visitors here are now part of my extended family.

I love being here, and I invite you to come visit our home. There are indeed some good homes out there

Brenda Hale Turner


When I read the Herald-Leader articles regarding nursing home abuse, I was very disappointed in those nursing homes. But I am writing to inform the public that all nursing homes are not like this.

I have worked at the same nursing home for the past 18 years. If this type of abuse was going on, I would not be working there. All of our staff provide the utmost excellent care to our residents.

To some of our residents, this is their home and the staff is their family. Several of our residents have a better quality of life at the nursing home than they ever would have at home. Some families admit their loved ones to nursing homes and never return to see them.

Yes, I agree that abuse and neglect need to be investigated, but I also think the news media need to focus on the excellent care that most of our elderly residents receive and not focus only on the negative issue of poor care and abuse.

Patty Moore

Office manager, Wolfe County Health Care CenterCampton