Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: July 27

Private insurers cause health care heartbreak

As a dedicated activist for single-payer health care, it has become crystal clear to me that the private, for-profit health insurance companies are the biggest detriment to having a health care system in the United States that is comparable to the rest of the developed nations of the world.

I have been exposed to thousands of heartbreaking stories and situations over the last two years; all unnecessary had we had a universal health care system without Wall Street-obligated private insurers.

Bruce Barry, a professor of management and sociology at Vanderbilt University, said it best: "Health insurance in a civilized society is a collective moral obligation, not a discretionary consumer good. It's somewhat analogous to national defense: We strive to safeguard everyone from the unpredictable consequences of an unforeseen tragedy, not just those who can find room in their household budgets to pony up for defense spending."

The private, for-profit insurance companies are evil, cruel and socially destructive. They are a parasitic middleman when they take your insurance dollar and suck out as much as they can (up to 31 percent) for administrative expenses. I have asked hundreds of people to give me one positive benefit that the private health insurers create for the individual health care consumer. So far, no one has been able give me an answer.

Medicare celebrates its 45th birthday July 30. This popular, publicly funded, privately managed single-payer system is the answer to let all our citizens exit the misery of our current health care system.

Bill Mahan


Arizona law fair

To those who think the Arizona immigration law is unfair and unjust, I offer the following: In my 64-plus years, whenever I've been stopped by the police for any driving infraction, I have had to produce a driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

When I vote, I have to show a valid identification card. When I've used a credit card in various retail establishments, on occasion, I've had to show a driver's license. If I cash a check at my own bank, I have to show my driver's license. When I use commercial air transportation, I have to show a driver's license twice, once at check-in and again at the security checkpoint. If I rent a vehicle, I have to show my driver's license and a valid credit card.

The list of scenarios where identification is required is almost endless. Do I feel persecuted or profiled? No. It's simply one of the minor inconveniences we endure for living in a free country with the rule of law.

So, to President Barack Obama and those who believe the Arizona immigration law is unjust, I say: Get over it, support Arizona in its effort to stem the tide of illegal immigration and just secure the borders.

With open borders, this administration is simply promoting anarchy. By the way: I'm a naturalized citizen of this country; and yes, I do have to show my naturalization papers on occasion. I'm proud to do so.

Mike Kauppi


Adjust traffic lights

When are the traffic lights going to be fixed?

Every day I travel New Circle Road at 6 a.m. to go to work, and the traffic lights cycle through all the signals even when there is no traffic. There are turn signals and cross signals, and no one is there to trip the signals.

The contractor who did this ought to be held accountable and fix this problem at no charge.

Get it together. We have enough road rage as it is. I'm sick and tired of drivers at 6 a.m. running up on the back of my car on New Circle while doing 70 to 75 miles per hour. I saw one person go into the grass as I was moving into the right lane just to get past me. Where are the fines?

Stephen Sullivan


Parties distinct

A recent writer applauded Rand Paul for being a Libertarian. Excuse me, but isn't Rand Paul the Republican candidate and not a member of the Libertarian Party?

The Libertarian Party and the Republican Party are quite different things. For one, the Libertarians support legalization of drugs while Republicans want to fill our prisons with drug offenders. Libertarians are opposed to military buildup and military action around the world. Republicans are in favor of more military spending and more action around the world. Republicans want more religion in our government, while Libertarians want less religion in government.

So, let's make one thing clear: Republicans are not Libertarians. And the last time I checked, Rand Paul was a Republican. He can't be both. The same principle applies to Tea Party members: Either they are Republicans or they are not. They need to stop trying to have it both ways.

Chris Wells


Finally, good news!

Hip! Hooray! Double good news on a July front page of the Herald-Leader.

First: The Pikeville mayor rejected denial and deceit and embraced the truth. He acknowledged he had done wrong by punching the Appalachian News-Express editor in the face and asked his pardon.

Second: The editor accepted his apology and fully forgave him. Reconciliation. Peace. Love.

A probing question: Why don't we have heaps more good news in our newspapers and on radio and TV news programs?

Good news is happening all the time.

W. Henry Kenney


God in government

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the American public thinks Sarah Palin is not qualified to be president. After all, 53 percent of them voted for the totally incompetent Barack Obama, which makes those voters not intelligent enough to vote on anything.

Actually, Palin is the only qualified American candidate out there; but she has chosen not to start the race, for now at least.

Kentucky got it right in the past election, and it is my hope it continues to do so. We have a balanced-budget requirement in place, but the federal government doesn't and needs to have that.

We did elect the so-called Blue Dog, Ben Chandler; but we can correct that in the next election.

We don't need in office those who support abortion on demand and the removal of God from government. The word of God was the basic foundation of our government. Be assured, you cannot support this liberal government and call yourself a Christian.

Donald R. Fugette


Soccer error

The Herald-Leader's coverage of World Cup soccer included a photo under which the caption read: "Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain celebrated after scoring as Mexico's Francisco Javier Rodriguez lied on the ground after failing to stop the shot."

Please! Rodriguez lay on the ground. Oh, wait — are you accusing him of telling untruths while on the ground?

Carole Boyd