Letters to the Editor

Letters: July 29

Rename the lodge, retain Berry's papers

I read in the Herald-Leader last month that writer Wendell Berry is pulling his papers from the University of Kentucky due to the naming of the new Wildcat Coal Lodge.

I am a 2002 UK graduate and was a student at UK when we won the 1998 NCAA basketball championship. I also lived on North Campus for several years next to Wildcat Lodge and have special memories of that area, as I am sure many people do.

I am also a Wendell Berry fan. To be honest, as a basketball fan, the name of the new lodge makes my stomach churn. It would be like naming it Wildcat Tobacco Lodge or Wildcat Marijuana Lodge. Why do we have to do this?

It also churns my stomach to think Berry's papers won't be at the university, where they obviously belong. It makes sense to me to right two wrongs and rename the lodge appropriately, i.e., after a coach or basketball player, and get Berry's papers back.

Amy Watson


Aid coal industry

Speaking at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas on July 9, President Barack Obama stated that, if an American company wants to create jobs and grow, the government should be there to help it do it.

This sounds all good and well if you live in Las Vegas or any place else west of the Mississippi River. Here in Appalachia, those words are meaningless. We mine coal here; and to the current administration, that's like saying a bad word in Sunday school.

While incentives are being handed out left and right for anything closely resembling "green technology," coal mining is struggling here in our neck of the woods.

This administration has catered to the whimpers of every environmentalist to the point that miners are being sent home because their line of work is being regulated out.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of Surface Mining are daily tightening the noose around the mining industry's neck, including taking actions that have not been approved by Congress — arbitrary actions that place the importance of bugs in a stream above the needs of the people.

That is what we face every day in our business.

The mining industry is not looking for a bailout, only an opportunity to continue coal mining in a reasonable and responsible manner. Granted, it is hard to grow anything without a nurturing hand. I, therefore, would hope the president, the EPA and the OSM would come to see the importance of coal in our economy and be there to help us mine it.

John Enyart


Bush led the way

President George W. Bush and our troops liberated 50 million Iraqi people from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and gave the Iraqi people the opportunity to develop a democracy of their own, which they are doing.

Thanks to Bush, Saddam Hussein was deposed and hung by his own people.

Under the protection of the United States, the Iraqi people voted to establish a new national sovereignty and drafted a new constitution that was ratified by a democratic vote.

An Iraqi president was elected, an Iraqi cabinet was established and a prime minister was selected. The Iraqi people voted to establish a new parliament and have held local elections.

Things in Iraq are going so well that Vice President Joe Biden gave the Obama administration credit for the successes, even though he and Obama voted against the surge as senators.

As for Afghanistan, on Bush's orders, the Taliban was bombed out of power and al-Qaida training bases destroyed. Obama has just put Gen. David Petraeus in charge of the Afghan war, a man who was originally appointed by Bush and who created the successful Iraqi "surge" which both Obama and Biden voted against.

In Afghanistan, Obama is now following a Bush plan that he originally rejected.

Edward L. Smith Jr.

Park Hills

Israel caused woes

I was surprised to see the Herald-Leader print a July 6 article with the headline "Donations to Israel undermine U.S. policy."

If the Herald-Leader really wants to enlighten the American people to the acts of subversion by the Zionist Organization of America, the Congress of the United States and the current vice president of the United States, the paper needs to print more stories that are available at OpEdNews.com news and opinion Web site.

From past stories, it's possible to find that every American military death in the Middle East since 1948 can be attributed to our country's support of Israel, as well as economic depressions or recessions.

Billy Ray Wilson


Why sue Arizona?

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against a law enacted in Arizona that could limit the presence of illegal aliens in the U.S. job force and reduce crime.

As the recession continues to grip many struggling Americans, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would seemingly stand against a law that would help reverse increasing unemployment rates.

This lawsuit has the support and backing of many prominent officials within the Obama administration, who have been very critical of the law ever since its passage, Holder key among them. By filing this lawsuit, he has placed illegal aliens over U.S. citizens and legal residents.

Polls show the majority of voters support Arizona's law to identify and deport illegal aliens. Why would the Obama administration ignore the desires of the American people? We have no representation in our representative form of government, and thus we have become socialist, with the federal government controlling our lives from the cradle to the grave.

Please get a copy of the new law and read it for yourself. And you will wonder, just as I did, why our government is moving forward with this lawsuit.

Cecil Davis


A lust for power

By now I suspect most of your readers have come to the realization that our Washington government, specifically Congress and the White House, does not function.

Although there must be some good people in Congress, the bills passed over the past 18 month show clearly they are in the minority and won't be heard over the arrogant, bellowing leadership of the Democratic majority.

The hunger for power and the grasp for control over all of us peons is not only insulting, but against majority rule and the oath legislators took when going into office.

They have failed in just about every instance and have brought us to the brink of an abyss that promises absolute government control over the lives of every man, woman and child.

This will mean you have no choice and all decisions will be made for you. It is a style of socialism that I and a relative few of our citizens here have experienced, and most of the rest cannot imagine. It will affect all Democrats, Republicans and independents.

My advice is to think about what is best for the country and its citizens. Government must be held accountable for its actions and failures and should not be allowed to become the elite.

Walther Freyberg