Letters to the Editor

Letters: Aug. 27

No reason to give road extension a new name

Question: If Newtown Pike is an extension of Newtown Pike across West Main Street, why are we having a contest to name this extension?

To this poor simple-minded person, it seems that an extension is just that — an extension of something of substance, something of value or, in this situation, an extension of the long-standing name of Newtown Pike.

Though some of the possible names of the extension are of value in themselves, I believe Lexingtonians will always call it the Newtown Pike extension.

And why not?

Herb Petit


Best name for road

Name the Newtown Pike Extension "Mary Todd Lincoln Boulevard."

Mary Todd Lincoln, Lexington native, played a significant role in American history. The new boulevard will swing around the historic site of the Todd house on West Main Street.

This fascinating house is the only historic site dedicated to the memory of a former first lady.

During her life, she received much scorn from those who did not understand her.

However, few Americans sacrificed more for the cause of the union and freedom.

Vote by going to www.lexingtonky.gov. Look for the green icon. The deadline is today, Aug. 27.

By naming this boulevard for her, we honor her memory and also honor Lexington's history as a part of our American heritage.

Brad Walden


Feels like 1984

Check your history. Kentucky's U.S. Senate race is actually a carbon copy of the 1984 presidential election.

Dr. Rand Paul has suggested that we eliminate the departments of energy and education. He has voiced the need for term limits and a balanced budget.

Former President Ronald Reagan did the same. And, yes, the media said that he was "out in left field."

Kentucky's Attorney General Jack Conway could well be the son of former Vice President Walter Mondale. He is the status-quo, big-government, tax-and-spend liberal.

As with Mondale, the media is attempting to position Conway as a moderate compared to his competitor. Reagan, as some recall, was labeled a warmonger. His politics of reducing cost of government while cutting taxes were declared irresponsible by the establishment.

Conway is getting similar treatment. But make no mistake. He supported Barack Obama's candidacy during the May 2008 primary. He supported President Obama's health care reform and initially supported the "cap-and-trade" bill.

Once safely in office, he is a sure bet to support the latter despite the fact that it would cost Kentucky families thousands in higher utility bills.

In short, if you like and support the current administration, cast your vote for Conway.

I think Paul speaks for most Kentuckians. He clearly isn't part of "the club." He believes people are better stewards of their money than is the government.

Paul reflects the true essence of grass-roots conservatism.

Jeff B. Willis


Greening the mall

If, in fact, Southland Christian Church buys Lexington mall, here's a perfect mind-set: Gone green for God.

Put in, take out, renovate to make a state-of-the-art green church with a Garden of Eden for the nation's eyes to see. Start dumping the topsoil.

Duke Martin


Butt out, celebrities

Celebrities like actors George Clooney and Ashley Judd and writer-poet Wendell Berry lie on the periphery anxious to invoke their studied opinion, set all arguments into clarity and bring truth once again down from Mount Sinai.

Note to them: Just shut up and act, shut up and sing, or shut up and think.

I like Clooney, Judd and Berry; but they are not immune to criticism nor should they be given a pass or allowed to bully lesser humans.

When we want to know about global warming, do we seek an authority like former U.S. vice president and environmentalist Al Gore? He's making millions, while polluting the environment and the airwaves.

We don't go to rich cretins like former U.S. Sen. John Edwards or President Barack Obama to learn of the poor. We should seek those in agreement with the late teacher-missionary, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India.

Nor do we get counsel from U.S. Vice President Joe Biden for sincere comments on foreign policy. He speaks for the president.

Concerning Berry, his reputation is hurt by attacking University of Kentucky President Lee T. Todd Jr.

Then he demanded the return of his papers over an issue not worth debating. How can you donate something given for the university to use and then call for its return? Shameful behavior.

David W. Masters


Let's make a deal

Contrary to published reports, the Obama administration is open to negotiations on the proposed immigration reform bill.

The administration will forgo demands for a guest worker plan in exchange for a guest voter plan.

Richard Degener


Despicable act

The three-time drunken driver arrested for DUI and animal torture should be sentenced to a jail term, fined a tidy sum and given 1,000 hours of community service cleaning dog cages at the local animal shelter.

In addition, her driver's license should be revoked for five years.

Dragging a dog: There's no excuse.

Steve Moore

Cookeville, Tenn.

Penalize tailgating

The National Transportation Safety Board assigned 14 people to look into the Gray Summit, Mo., school bus accident that left two people dead to see if there were broader safety issues involved here.

Right off the bat, this tells me that the NTSB is far overstaffed, incompetent or both.

The essential facts:

■ The lead bus driver was inattentive to the situation ahead, and was further distracted by looking in her rear view mirror while attempting to change lanes.

■ The lead bus slammed into a stopped pickup truck and large truck.

■ The second bus was following too close behind to be able to stop.

■ Two people were needlessly killed and many injured.

Does this take 14 people to investigate the broader safety issues? I think not.

Tailgating by drivers of cars, buses and trucks is a major problem in this country, and is exactly why these kinds of deadly rear-end collisions occur.

A lot more ticketing by the police for tailgating and better driver education are what's needed to reduce some of the carnage.

Forget the time and money wasted on a 14-member panel investigation. How about just some common sense for a change?

Mike Kauppi