Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 28

Many basketball champions had 4-year players

It was amazing that our University of Kentucky men's basketball coach John Calipari made this statement: "If you recruit guys who you know are going to be there for four years, you'll probably be in the NIT (National Invitation Tournament)."

That beats nothing.

I remember a few teams that had four-year players that won the men's basketball National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament: Florida, North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, and more if you check it out. Just great coaching?

Their coaches must have been outstanding in the skill of what you can do for your university — plus an outstanding job of coaching, not excuses.

David Willhoit


Remembering 'Wes'

I did my student teaching under Virginia Rentz at Henry Clay High School during the summer of 1983. It's an experience I will always remember. You don't forget someone like "Wes."

I have two memories of that summer. I once used an inappropriate word which cost me 25 cents. Throughout that summer I only donated one quarter. She did not play.

One afternoon after the students left she asked me if I had any plans for the afternoon. I replied, "No, I don't."

She handed me her grocery list and told me to deliver her groceries to her home. She said she was tired and was going home to take a nap and that the front door would be open. Message received, groceries delivered. One tough nut, but she was one dear and caring person. I love you, Wes, and I'll miss you greatly.

Jack Taylor


Loving God

Please allow a bit of background. In a July 4 article about the purchase of Lexington Mall by Southland Christian Church, Southland's pastor, Jon Weece, is quoted: "As scary as this is, God did not call us to live by fear. God called us to live by faith."

This letter is in regard to the Aug. 4 letter writer saying Weece's statement is not compatible with the Bible's teachings. This is not written as a rebuttal, just as something to ponder.

Love God! There are many Bible scriptures that talk about the love of God, especially in the New Testament. John's First Letter tells us God is love, there is no fear in love and perfect love drives out fear.

As written in the Bible, Jesus calls for man to love God and to love his neighbor.

Bill Thome


Marvelous Madison

I would like to share a beautiful story about why Madison County is such a special place to live.

Shortly after I arrived in New York for a visit July 30, Father Jim Sichko, from St. Mark Roman Catholic Church, called me to advise that my good friend and fellow parishioner, Nancy Miller, was not expected to live through the night.

When Nancy learned she was terminally ill, her wish was to see her almost 3-year-old grandson Deacon get on a big yellow school bus, as her other grandchildren had done. After fellow parishioner Theresa Bonn Smith agreed to drive the bus, I called Tommy Floyd, the superintendent of schools, and, in spite of the lateness of the day, he contacted Skip Benton, director of transportation, and they made the arrangements.

With the help of friend Eriene Nichols, at 8:30 p.m., Nancy was taken by wheelchair to the front of the Hospice Care Center on Boggs Lane where she saw her grandson, Deacon, and his brother Bailey get in the big yellow school bus and ride around the block.

She had a smile from ear to ear, and there was not a dry eye in the crowd of nurses and friends.

Sadly, Nancy passed away less than 12 hours later, but we all know that, thanks to these wonderful compassionate people, the latter three strangers, her wish was fulfilled.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Father Sichko, Eriene Nichols, Theresa Bonn Smith, Tommy Floyd and Skip Benton.

Carol A. Kineiski


Believe it now

It is time for the inhabitants of the earth to accept global warming as an observable fact.

One cannot help but realize the weather patterns worldwide have recently become most extreme.

More snow in winter, more rain in summer, more floods, more droughts, more wildfires, all resulting from global warming.

It has been scientifically established that an increase in the carbon dioxide level in the earth's atmosphere enhances the "greenhouse" effect, raising the temperature of the earth's land surface and oceans.

More water evaporates from warmer bodies of water, which in turn increases the level of water vapor in the atmosphere. Thus, more precipitation in the form of rain or snow, an easy observation for anyone looking outside his or her window.

There may be disagreement as to whether increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is natural or man-made, but the increase in such carbon dioxide levels has been proven by scientific measurements. This fact is undeniable.

The deniers of global warming need to get their heads out of the sand and join the "green revolution." No one knows the future of the green revolution, but if the inhabitants of this planet ignore the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, we will all have to adapt to a much warmer and wetter climate and the changes in our lifestyles resulting therefrom.

John J. Davis


Child-support dilemma

I don't completely understand how the child-support office handles its cases in Lexington.

My husband is dealing with them and trying to pay his child support, but he has not worked in two months. He keeps losing jobs because he has to miss work every 30 days to appear in court. He can't find employment easily because of his appearance — tattoos and hair are frowned upon.

Officials know the economy is bad, and throwing these people in jail is not going to get the children any money.

At least my husband is paying something, but he still has to appear in court every month and face the threat of being locked up.

I guess if he gets locked up, at least Fayette County will earn money for him being an inmate, but the children will not get any support.

Who benefits from this? If a person can pay something, it seems like the sensible thing would be to keep them out of jail and get some money for the children. Don't keep bringing people like my husband back to court every 30 days, thus costing them their jobs because they have to miss work.

Bonita Stinsman