Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 31

Rand Paul's jump to medical school not that uncommon

The recent headline concerning Dr. Rand Paul's lack of a bachelor's degree is very misleading. It implies he more or less pulled a fast one, and was not academically qualified for medical school.

In 1973 I did the same thing, along with seven classmates, during my junior year at the University of Kentucky. It was an honor to be accepted early. After my first year in medical school, I was given the option to obtain a bachelor's degree in general studies, using credits from that first year. I did so, but it was not required and was not necessary. It did not seem like a big deal. I was very happy to be accepted early, as I'm sure Paul was. It also saved a full year of undergraduate tuition.

Although the latter portion of the article did tell the more complete story, the impact of a newspaper article is mostly in the headline and the first few sentences. The attention given to this matter is an obvious attempt to turn a very positive and excellent academic achievement into a political slur.

Clark Bailey, M.D.


More balance, OK?

I have been a subscriber for many years. I have come to realize that the editorials, and often the news coverage, strive to strike a "fair and balanced" note between slightly left and far left. I long ago gave up expecting any coverage from a conservative viewpoint; but that's OK because I accept you for who you are and continue to subscribe, mainly for the sports coverage, which I greatly enjoy.

But the coverage of the U.S. Senate race should be embarrassing even by your standards. Hardly a day goes by without an article about the Republican candidate, usually on the front page, and (surprise, surprise), usually negative. But it seems there is never an article about the Democratic candidate. I hope between now and the November election you will strive to present information about both. Not everyone votes along party lines and many would like to have some information to help make an informed decision.

Bruce Parker


Money mishandled

How will America get rid of Defense Secretary Robert Gates? It appears he has no time limit, although he was not elected. Based on an Aug. 10 article, "Pentagon to slash budget, cut jobs," it seems Gates has assumed former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield's positions: Get rid of the excess baggage here in America and take over a few more countries.

Lawmakers have clamped down on about everything except printing more money and creating more debt for the next generation. This country is in dire need of leadership and lawmakers. Stop getting rid of America one piece at a time.

Floyd Beal


Help U.S. first

It is a shame that, when other countries are hit by disastrous situations, the good old United States of America is there to send millions of dollars to pacify them and to try to westernize them. They have referred to our country as the devil of the West. They don't want anything of our culture except our educational opportunities, and want to use this learning against us.

The few people who are employed and retirees are financing this aid, as well as the banks and mortgage companies that were bailed out. I worked in industry for 52 years and paid federal, state and local taxes annually. Recently, my taxes went up on my home mortgage $159 per month. Who will be there to help me? No one.

I wish Americans would take a stand and become the mighty, proud and respectable country we once were. We cannot carry the world anymore. Let us help ourselves first.

Pete Herrera

Van Lear

Save the workers

I am incensed about all the cutbacks the illustrious Pentagon has in mind for both the military and private contractors working for the military. Yet our president still wants to give amnesty to the thousands of migrants here illegally, who cost the country millions because they don't pay taxes.

I know one who brags about his free housing and medical care, and sends his earnings back to Mexico, where he is building his own house. The average American can't afford a mortgage.

How can politicians allow non-citizens to take jobs desperately needed by the millions of people made jobless by the same thoughtless and careless politicians? They don't have a clue, nor do they care how the working man lives. Not one of them would know what it is like to be down to their last $5. They pop off to their cozy little nests and don't give us a second thought. Perhaps they would all like to take a pay cut to save a few million. Oops, sorry, did I say that?

While I'm on a roll, it's greedy business owners who encourage so many illegals by hiring them so much cheaper than an American will work. We all have bills to pay. Why should Americans work for peanuts? Also, I would like to see all the American business owners who sent their businesses overseas forced to pay enormous taxes to America to bring the jobs back.

Vivienne Skidmore


Life lesson

This is a kitty story: Three cats were euthanized. Also, this is a story about greed in America. As a man, I was taking the blame about the cats. Then as usual, I could have tossed it off to God. He could not cure them, or make me rich so I could have taken them to the veterinarian for the necessary care.

The cats had the eye thing, a disease that I had seen before but not like this. I tried to care for the cats, but it was best for the cats that they not suffer.

I imagine man has the knowledge to cure the disease of cats and other animals as well other ills of man. But if he does cure illnesses, where do the profits for pharmaceutical companies and the stock market come from?

If you cured diabetes, herpes and cancer and other illnesses, where and how do you make up for the loss of profits?

I wonder when the profits will be seen in euthanizing people. Wall Street stock marketers, start your salivating now. Profits from endeavors like these may take over America. Is this what America is?

I think that there may be some who blame the Lord for the state of this country, but what he is really showing us is that America is getting ready to fold.

Floyd C. Shipley


No more butts

While stopped at an intersection in Lexington the other day I looked over to the curb and saw what looked like about 1,000 cigarette butts. To say the least, it was very unattractive.

We have all noticed drivers in front of us who dispose their used cigarette butts out of their window. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought that was what the ashtrays in cars were made for. Why a smoker thinks a cigarette butt is too unpleasant to keep in their own car but is OK for the rest of us to see displeases me.

I think we should ask our city officials and police officers to enforce the city's existing litter laws to stop this form of pollution and keep our community as attractive and environmentally clean as possible.

Ted Bates Jr.