Letters to the Editor

Letters: Sept. 8

The little guy loses again in Slone's closure

With sadness, I read of the closing of the last Slone's Signature Market on Southland Drive in Lexington. I was always so impressed with the employees, the great food (truly the best fried chicken in town), the abundance of groceries and the good prices.

Bob Slone had a beautiful store which was well-maintained and very attractively laid out. Shopping there was always such a pleasure, and I'm sure many people in the Southland area are disappointed at losing a high-quality market.

It's even sadder to think this fine locally owned store is another victim of the mega-markets. We read that Kroger is buying up other businesses on Euclid in Chevy Chase to expand its store there. It seems money can get just about anything the big guys want — either downtown (as we know) or in the residential areas.

Good luck, Slone. Thanks for the memories.

Pauline Kelley Rodgers


Bearing the cost

I recently received my reorder form for season Kentucky basketball tickets. The prices of both the tickets and seat license have increased.

I'd prefer that they not. However, I must thank the university for the way it was handled — a simple mail solicitation.

From reading this paper, particularly the harangues of reporter Jerry Tipton, other ticket holders' renewals are being hand-delivered by gentlemen named Corleone and Brazzi.

The latter holds a gun to the subscriber's head while the former explains that either their signature or their brains will be on the renewal form — "an offer they can't refuse."

No such pressure on me. I'd have preferred the cost not go up, but not to the point of turning the tickets back to sell to someone else.

Jack Avery


Thoughtless theft

I am heartbroken. I live in a nice part of Lexington, a nice older neighborhood; but on the night of Aug. 15 or Aug. 16, someone stole the little jockey statue off my front stoop.

I had that little fellow 25 years. He was part of my family.

How could somebody be so carelessly evil? One of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not steal."

Please bring Jocko back to me.

Elena W. Reese


Injustice ...

Hit your wife with a boat and kill her, and get five years. Scam Kentucky basketball fans and give UK a black eye, and get eight years.

Well, ladies, we see where we are on the importance list.

Alice Brady


... for all?

Ed Davender gets eight years and the glob of greed that formed on top of the airport gets their wrists slapped. Yay, justice! What skin color? Social status? This is vile.

Bernard Bever


Not so important

Pretending to be important in Lexington is not easy. Anyone who tries it should be cheered. Nice try.

Sorry, there are no important people in Lexington. Try New York, San Francisco or Chicago. Or take a lunchtime stroll in Washington, D.C. There you will encounter congressmen, federal judges, cabinet members, generals, admirals, religious leaders, movie stars, diplomats, sports stars, heads of state, violin virtuosos, etc.

Claiming to be important in Lexington is a hollow game. It is merely an affectation. It fools only the gullible. Such ostentation is poor theater. Anyone making a spectacle of self-importance should be recognized as a pretender, a man of acting — not action.

There is a big difference between importance and impertinence, between pretension and production.

Risto Marttinen


No enforcement

It looks as if Fayette County's commonwealth's attorney is a clone of the attorney general of the United States in the way he prosecutes and plea bargains.

The U.S. attorney general appointed by Barack Obama has refused to indict the two members of the New Black Panthers who sought to intimidate voters in Pennsylvania.

Eric Holder has not indicted the would-be Christmas Day bomber. He has not indicted the Times Square bomber.

He has not tried Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who confessed to masterminding the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. He has not tried the Army major who was inspired to kill Army personnel by the American imam in Yemen.

I am sure there is a difference in white-collar crime and the terrorism that Obama and Holder do not want to prosecute, but I wonder.

Bill Morton


Don't taint religion

I think a mosque should be allowed to be used for worship near Ground Zero. All Muslims are not terrorists, but many terrorists are Muslims.

The terrorist Muslims attacked the World Trade Center. They are the ones who defamed Islam.

All black people are not Black Panthers, but some black people were Black Panthers. Black Panthers were militants who promoted black power. Their behavior stereotyped blacks.

All Southern Baptists were not the Ku Klux Klan, but some Southern Baptists were. The KKK promoted white power while terrorizing and murdering blacks. Their hatred in association with the church tainted their religion.

All Catholic priests were not pedophiles, but some Catholic priests were pedophiles and brought reproach on the largest religious denomination in the world.

My point is this: Whether you worship in a mosque, cathedral or church, there are people who engage in evil and bring reproach on God, Allah, Jehovah and Jesus.

Mosques, cathedrals and churches are buildings used to worship God. Those who worship in those buildings can be good or evil, regardless where the buildings are built.

Alvin Brown


Prices hurt Games

A few weeks ago, the Herald-Leader printed an article regarding the price increases of hotel and motel rooms during the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

In some cases, the nightly room rates will be increased over five times the normal rate.

Some friends of ours were planning to visit us while the Games were on. They have absolutely no plans to attend the Games, yet they have no choice but to spend an unbelievable amount of extra money for a place to stay. They were considering canceling their trip.

It's no wonder the ticket sales for the Games are less than expected. The anticipated attendance seems to have dwindled down quite a bit from earlier estimates.

Why? Because the cost of attending these events has changed a lot of minds. Who wants to spend $20 per day to park at the Horse Park?

I don't feel as though we need to gouge our guests who plan to visit our wonderful state during the Games. Let's make them feel at home by charging them what we would normally pay for a stay here.

Who knows? They might return and stay even longer, knowing that they were treated equally during their visit.

William Taylor