Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 25

Shelter for homeless need not be limited

A Sept. 15 article about plans for two temporary shelters to be set up for Lexington's homeless during the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games referred to them as emergency shelters, and they will discontinue Oct, 10 (the last day of the Games). I agree with the term emergency in the concern for the homeless but not the reason behind it being declared an emergency.

These are real people with real souls and real needs without a place to lay their heads.

Yes, help them now; but their problem certainly doesn't end on Oct. 10. Something needs to happen to help these poor homeless people permanently, not just temporarily. I beg Lexington leaders to put forth an effort to help our Lexington homeless permanently.

Rev. Carl Jones


It is my understanding the homeless of Lexington will be housed in a church facility while the Games are going on. Is this so Lexington will not be embarrassed by them? If they can provide a place for the homeless now, why couldn't they do it before? This really bothers me.

Deborah Meurer


The city has finally stooped to a new low. Not only have the city and state spent money they don't have to prep for the WEG (for which they hope to get repaid and then some), but now they are sweeping the homeless under the rug so no one knows we actually have homeless in Lexington.

Is this how we take care of the homeless? To make them feel like vermin that need to be hidden?

They say they are looking to find permanent housing for them after the Games. Yes, after everyone is gone and they can show themselves again. Why hasn't someone stepped up to help these folks before now?

Just like all the "improvements" made for the Games, the homeless will be forgotten about once again and things will be as they have always been, neglected until it becomes a problem again. What a shame the "leaders" of our community can't think of anything else but themselves and their reputations.

Well, folks, you've already lost the faith and support of at least one person. Great job.

Mark Kenney


I'm sure none of the homeless people in Lexington care about the Games. Maybe if they remain visible, they might get the help they need. I'll be a fierce opponent and encourage them to stay put.

Robert Barry


We know what it's like living on Lexington's streets. We also know many of the people who call Phoenix Park and downtown home. We no longer have to look for a place every night under a bridge, by the railroad tracks, in unlocked cars, in a vacant lot or alley, behind a dumpster, in a parking garage to get some sleep. Thanks to God's grace and the From the Streets to a Home Program, we have our own apartments.

But there are many people who aren't so lucky, men and women who call Lexington home who still must look for a safe spot each night. We know them; they are our friends.

So, when we heard about big plans for downtown during the World Equestrian Games, we wondered what would happen to people who call the streets home. Many won't go to the shelters; they all have their own reasons, and some aren't allowed in the shelters. We were once the same way.

The Street Voice Council was formed to give those who experience homelessness a voice, especially when groups are coming up with programs for them.

The Street Voice Council asked our friends on the streets if they were concerned about plans for downtown during the Games. We know what it is to be afraid when there is no place safe to sleep. Because a lot of people care, a shelter is open. The sign on the door reads: "Ain't no strangers here, only friends you haven't met."

Joe Shuman

Ellis Dean Boatley

Street Voice Council co-chairs


I heard Lexington will be housing its homeless at a church and feeding them three meals a day during the WEG. I am all for helping the homeless, but just for the Games? Do you really think when New York City hosts an event it houses all its homeless in a church and feeds them three meals a day?

The homeless should be helped all the time, not just when Lexington is worried about how it looks. Take the money being spent on these Games and really help the homeless by getting them jobs and helping with housing and meals.

Kelly Toler

Mt. Sterling

Thanks for coverage

Congratulations to the Herald-Leader for calling attention to the exorbitant pay increases given to Lee T. Todd Jr., president of the University of Kentucky. Merlene Davis spoke eloquently for all Kentuckians striving to pay their bills. Joel Pett expressed a comparison all Kentuckians should be aware of between the big raise for Todd and Mitch McConnell's urging continued tax breaks for the most wealthy. The editorial page called attention to the unfortunate remark made by trustee Pamela May: "We do not pay the cleaning lady what we pay the heart surgeon."

Now all Kentuckians with any clout with trustees or others in high positions should contact them on behalf of the students, faculty and staff who are being shortchanged in this decision.

It would not hurt, either, if Todd spoke to the board and refused this salary increase as he has at times in the past.

Jim and Mary McCormick


What brotherhood?

I can find no mention in the Bible that Muslims and Christians are considered brothers. They believe in two different Gods. Christians believe God had a son. Muslims believe God had no son and also "take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends" (from the Quran).

This I find in the Bible: "For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist."

Earl H. Stewart