Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 23

Tea Party writer's expectations a bit premature?

Is this the Tea Party? On Nov. 12, Kathy Gornik of the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions published an essay in the Herald-Leader about two upcoming votes that she said would be a "test of the newly elected Senate."

One issue was earmark reform and the other a balanced budget amendment. The votes, which were to have taken place Nov. 16, were on issues presented by South Carolina senator, and Tea Party favorite, Jim DeMint.

The only problem is that the "newly elected Senate" will not be sworn in until Jan. 3, 2011, nearly two months after these votes.

Gornik said that the Tea Party movement is made up of "constitutional ... conservatives" and people who are "more informed, more plugged in, increasingly educated and more committed than ever to paying attention" to politics and political events.

That's interesting, but wouldn't a constitutional conservative know that the 20th Amendment sets the starting date of the new Congress as "noon on the 3rd day of January"?

And wouldn't someone who is "more informed [and] more plugged in," know that this vote is in the Republican caucus and not before the full Senate?

So, don't these Tea Party "constitutionalists" know the Constitution? And do they think newly elected senators take office the day after the election?

Michael Coblenz


Crystal ball

Election 2010 voting is finished. It is time to contemplate the Democratic Party situation for president in 2012.

Some say Hillary Clinton will resign as secretary of state to run against President Barack Obama. Only two recent presidents have been challenged for their party's nomination, both unsuccessfully. I believe 2012 will be different.

Obama will see a frustrating two-year future as POTUS and will say to himself, "I am better than that. I have a lot of work left to do, and I need to get on with it."

I predict, with this assessment, he will resign the presidency to accept appointment as secretary-general of the United Nations, succeeding Ban Ki-moon of South Korea whose first term expires on Dec. 31, 2011, and whose reappointment is problematic.

Nobel Laureate Obama, together with recent laureates Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Paul Krugman, will quietly lobby the United Nations. U.N. policy regarding permanent members of the Security Council will make it necessary for Obama to renounce his U.S. citizenship. He will petition Kenya to reinstate his childhood citizenship.

At his resignation address to the nation on Labor Day 2011, Obama will raise clasped hands with his accompanying personal adviser Andy Stern ("'Workers of the world, unite'? It's not just a slogan anymore."), formerly of Service Employees International Union, and with the U.N.'s unofficial qualification of French linguistic skills aforethought, Barack Obama will conclude his remarks with, "Oui, nous pouvons" (Yes, we can).

Richard Degener


AARP helps with taxes

Re: "IRS penalizes paper filers" (Readers' views, Nov. 12), there is another option for tax filers to obtain free assistance — the AARP Tax-Aide Program.

Last year, Tax-Aide volunteers prepared and e-filed federal and state tax returns for nearly 5,000 senior citizens and other low- and moderate-income clients at 18 sites in the Bluegrass area.

To find a site near you, just call toll-free 1-888-227-7669 or visit aarp.org/taxaide during the tax season.

To provide this free service the Tax-Aide Program needs volunteers, who receive IRS/AARP developed training and IRS certification.

To volunteer, send an e-mail to taxaide@insightbb.com or go to aarp.org/tavolunteer1 or call toll-free 1-888-227-7669. Neither clients nor volunteers need to be AARP members.

Jim Stokes

AARP Tax-Aide volunteer


Williams for dictator

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that our present leader of the Kentucky Senate said we should no longer vote for our United States senators.

State Sen. David Williams wants the power to appoint our U.S. senators. So are we, the voters, too dumb to pick our own senators?

Maybe Williams is not smart enough to understand that the popular vote is the keystone of modern democracies and that people have fought and died for us to have the right to elect our leaders.

Maybe Williams, if elected governor like he desires, would also like to appoint the state legislators who in turn would appoint our U.S. senators. Will this self-described Tea Partier make a good governor? Well, maybe if we had a dictatorship.

Robert Miller


Helping the poor

A recent letter stated that not until the poor register to vote and elect their own kind would they overcome the establishment, the Tea Partiers, the educated and the Republicans.

The letter writer didn't mention overcoming the Democrats who are trying to eliminate the tax breaks that the Republicans initiated to help the economy and get the poor back to work.

So much for electing the uneducated.

G.V. Short


No inflation for COLA?

My wife and I are both retired and receiving Social Security benefits. Health care costs have gone up as well as utility rates, food and many other items.

Gasoline is pushing $3 per gallon.

We received a letter from Social Security telling us that we have no inflation and for the second straight year we will receive no cost-of-living adjustment.

Someone has their head in the sand. Thanks a lot, Barack Obama, for nothing.

Bob Fulks


Loving care

A special friend of ours recently left this life after being a resident of the Bluegrass Care and Rehabilitation Community for almost four years.

We made many visits and not once did our friend complain about her care. Instead, she praised those who attended her, and she always seemed to be content.

In her last weeks, Hospice did a great job working with the staff at Bluegrass to make our friend as comfortable as possible.

In her last hours, we witnessed a steady stream of nurses, aides and other staff as they visited her bed with tearful goodbyes, loving words and hugs. These caring workers truly became her family.

We want to say thanks to you at Bluegrass. It takes dedicated people to do what you do every day. Your kindness to our dear friend Ruby has not gone unnoticed.

Gene and Linda Traugott